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M235i fabspeed catted dp garage (01:26)
  • M235i fabspeed catted dp garage
  • M235i MPE fabspeed catted dp
  • 2016 M235xi Revving - Fabspeed Sportcat Downpipe/Stock Exhaust
    2016 BMW M235xi - Stock Exhaust - Fabspeed Sportcat Downpipe ...
  • M235i Fabspeed - stock comparison, cold start, revs, driveby
    Fabspeed sportcat downpipe and muffler delete for the M235i.
  • M235i Fabspeed Sport Cat + Muffler Bypass
    Installation Time Lapse + Before/After Revs. Cold as well as w...
  • M235i Fabspeed Sport Cat stock muffler
    Fabspeed catted downpipe on stock muffler m235i
  • M235i M performance exhaust Fabspeed Sport Cat aFe magnum
    My m235i set up. No tune. Just catted down pipe, MPE and intake.
  • Inject new life into your M235i with a perfect high-flow catted downpipe! Genuine 200-cell HJS HD catalyst instantly adds a staggering 21 whp and 36 ft/lbs of torque at 3000 RPM without triggering a check engine light!
  • Fabspeed M235i Sport Cat Downpipe replaces the two restrictive factory catalytic converters with one high-flowing 200-cell HJS sport catalytic converter.
  • Fabspeed is the largest distributor of HJS in the United States, and second largest in the world. Our expertise and experience has allowed us to craft a power adding solution for the M235i without triggering a check engine light.
  • Thanks to HJS HD 200 cell catalysts and Fabspeed engineering, you can expect no check engine light!
  • Inject new life into your M235i with a perfect high-flow catted downpipe! Genuine 200-cell HJS catalyst instantly adds a staggering 21 whp and 36 ft/lbs of torque at 3000 RPM without triggering a check engine light!
  • Fabspeed's Sport Cat Downpipe supports massive power gains. Our in house M235i is equipped with our Sport Cat Downpipe, Muffler Bypass Exhaust, aftermarket intake, and aftermarket charge pipe. With some tuning, nearly 400 ft-lbs of torque was eclipsed - all without throwing a check engine light.
  • Each Sport Cat Downpipe is hand made in house at Fabspeed Motorsport. We even craft our own CNC flanges to ensure perfect fitment and have complete control over tolerances.

BMW M235i (F22) Sport Cat Downpipe


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Product Details:

Inject new life into your M235i with a perfect high-flow catted downpipe! Genuine 200-cell HJS HD catalyst instantly adds a staggering 21 whp and 36 ft/lbs of torque at 3000 RPM without triggering a check engine light!                         


  • Fits all BMW F22 M235i vehicles
  • Designed with a 200-cell HJS HD catalytic converter core for maximum performance and reliability; same cat core used on our Ferrari 458 Italia applications!
  • Direct bolt-on replacement; no cutting or welding required
  • Does not trigger a check engine light
  • Complies with most emissions regulations (NOTE: It the purchaser's responsibility to verify legality and compliance in their region.)
  • Adds 21 whp and 36 ft/lbs of torque at 3000 RPM
  • A crease is incorporated to allow for clearance in any M235i setup


  • Peak Power
    • Stock= 309 whp / 328 ft/lbs
    • Exhaust = 322 whp / 356 ft/lbs
  • Maximum Gains
    • 3000 RPM = +21whp / +36ft/lbs
    • 4500 RPM = +26whp / +22ft/lbs

Product Reviews

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  1. Definitely more power throughout the power band and no drone at all. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Mar 2017

    I have had this sport cat for about 3,000 miles and no CEL so far! Your car is definitely louder than mine as I am using the sport cat with the stock exhaust. So if someone wants their exhaust a bit louder, but not too aggressive, they can just install the sport cat with the stock exhaust and if they want even more sound, they can install it with just about any of the axle-back exhausts and then even add a mid-pipe for more sound. I suspect this sport cat would also sound great with the M Performance exhaust. Definitely more power throughout the power band and no drone at all. I also notice more smell when I shut it off and then immediately get out of the car, especially when I park in my garage as it sort of keeps the smell in one place rather than it being blown away by the wind. However, the smell really doesn't bother me and is well worth the "price" for the added power and sound. Congrats and welcome to the FabSpeed club!

  2. Let me tell you that I am completely satisfied 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Mar 2017

    So I just got my Fabspeed sport cat installed.

    Paired with the AWE touring + midpipe, it does get significantly louder. Before going into it, I wondered just how much more gurgling and pops there would be,(since I wanted more) and let me tell you that I am completely satisfied in that department. The sound of the turbo spooling is more noticeable as well.

    There's a bump in power in every part of the rev range and the top end doesn't feel as restricted. It feels like a m240i.

    The smell is noticeable, but not as bad as going full catless.

    50 miles on it since install and no CEL yet, so that's good.

    All in all, I'd highly recommend it.

  3. For those who look for power with no CEL, this is it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Feb 2017

    Another review of the FabSpeed Sport CAT for those who are on the fence!

    1- I would like to thank Bobby! The order was placed and shipment received within 3 weeks to Canada!!! Great communication and Fantastic customer service!

    2- For those who look for power with no CEL, this is it! I was very skeptical of the "power gain" although with no dyno to prove my point, the car revs faster, and when I go 50%-80% throttle in sport mood, boost felt like it hits faster and harder. The car puts me in my seat much more than before.

    3- I have the Stock Muffler with the Sport cat, there were not much reviews on line I could find about this set up... so I guess I can be the first to fully review the sound with Stock cat... I tried to limit my budget for the exhaust system, so I wanted to find something for sound and power gain as a package... after making much decision between MPE or a Sport cat (only 1500~cad to spend...so its one or the other). Under the much reviewed MPE + Sport CAT set up… most say it really is the missing link and make the car scream much more with MPE, I was hoping it would do abit more for the stock exhaust… in comfort mood… or any mood… I don’t hear much of a change in the exhaust note… if stock exhaust is 60dB then Stock Exhaust + Sport cat is maybe 65dB … you knida know its there.. but not really. One thing I noticed abit more is the “overrun” crackle and pop, revving at idle (I have auto trans) is abit louder, not by much, maybe 15dB more… and when you slow down after driving there is abit more pop sound from the exhaust but still not much…

    4- build quality and ease of install is A++++++++, the build quality is amazing, perfect fit. Install time took me 1hr 45min on the floor of my driveway on a sunny day taking my time.

    5-over all conclusion. I want to thank Bobby for hooking me up. if you want performance this down pipe is a must, if you want sound and on a budget…then I suggest you go with MPE or Fabspeed muffler delete… I guess if you run stock muffler and just get a Downpipe, it won’t make your car sound like you have an expensive mod… but all in all I like it, its icing on the cake, the cake is amazing already, just that much better with icing…

  4. Great investment for the price IMO, and again, no CEL 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Feb 2017

    I second all of these points. I too just very recently installed the sport cat with stock exhaust, and the noise gains are minimal. You definitely get added pops on deceleration, and you also get more pronounced notes when accelerating hard on Sport/Sport+. The driving gains are noticeable however. Much smoother power curve based on my refined butt dyno, and the car feels more alive/less sluggish. Great investment for the price IMO, and again, no CEL. I'll post a short video sometime in the near future just to show noise difference between cold start with/without sport cat.

    +1 for Bobby!

  5. I noticed an immediate difference upon driving! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Dec 2016

    Not much change in sound which I like as I don't like a noisy car for noise sake (I'm running stock exhaust). There is a nice more pronounced burble on deceleration, and more exhaust notes with hard acceleration. There are also more pronounced sounds coming from the turbo. I like it as the sounds are purposeful.

    I noticed an immediate difference upon driving! The car definitely accelerates with more immediacy. There is a greater/faster response to giving her the gas and the car is noticeably quicker. I installed an intake and really couldn't tell much difference. This Fabspeed Sport Cat makes a very noticeable difference!

    I am very happy with this modification and think it gives a lot of bang for the buck. Thanks to Bobby at Fabspeed and Neal at The Racers Line in Concord, CA!

  6. FabSpeed Sport Cat 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Nov 2016

    A few days ago, I had a FabSpeed Sport Cat installed at Tim Duncan's (yes, that Tim Duncan!) Blackjack Speed Shop. The installation took less than an hour and they commented how well-made the Sport Cat was. They said they were familiar with Fabspeed products as they frequently do installations on BMW, Mercedes, Ferraris, etc. and have installed them before and found them to be of very high quality and precise fitment. The cat sounds great with more turbo sound and I can also actually hear the engine now above the fake Active Sound. The engine seems to rev more easily and even just driving around town, it seems the engine is not "working" as hard in higher gears. For those who may be considering the M Performance or similar exhaust, you may want to consider this instead. Those other exhausts give you no increase in HP, just a bit more sound and this sport cat does both for about the same price. If you want a louder exhaust, you can always change other exhaust components such as FabSpeed's muffler delete. I didn't want anything too loud, just a bit more authority to the engine and exhaust sound, but I also wanted a bit more horsepower and torque. If I decide to do a tune or even a piggyback, I feel this is a good place to start since it places more stress on the engine when you increase boost and opening up the exhaust reduces that stress. Also, as advertised, there is no CEL with the sport cat, unlike a pure downpipe. Finally, thanks to Bobby at FabSpeed for hooking me up with a good deal.

  7. My Fabspeed Sport Cat Downpipe 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd May 2016

    First, the most important reason I pick up this downpipe. NO CEL. Fabspeed did a great job on that. I had 2000+km with this downpipe now, and no CEL even once.

    Great feel. In sport mode, car usually hold at 2500rpm or higher.
    The respond is great and feel faster than before.
    If you are like 80% of the time is in the sport mode, this is for you. Lots of pops!

    If you do want have some sound and not too much, this downpipe might be your best choice.

  8. Great down pipe, but.... 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Apr 2016

    Overall a solid down pipe. This is the 2nd one for my M235i. The first was catless and the smell was horrible so I got the FabSpeed. The fitment was spot on but for some odd reason the rear O2 sensor bung on the DP seemed to be placed a little too far to the passenger side of the car. The result was the connector on top of the engine will not sit in it's bracket because there's just not enough slack. And yes, the DP is installed correctly, otherwise the bracket that connects the DP to the car would not line up. Install took less than 1 hour from start to finish.

    The sound is great and about 75% of what a catless DP was. It's not obnoxious whatsoever and sounds very exotic. There is absolutely no smell and as far as a CEL, I'm not sure as I'm running a JB4.

  9. WOW 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Sep 2015

    I come from the Evo Scene and This is my first BMW and i got all the Dinan stage 2 upgrades then i put this downpipe on and wow it smoothed out the entire rpm band. Uptop where it seemed to choke out its not anymore. I am very happy and will do business with them again. Biggest plus no CEL

  10. Downpipe is GREAT! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jul 2015

    Fabspeed makes an excellent product, from the packaging, to the welds, to the catalytic converter, the quality is top notch here. Big difference in how the car responds -- throttle is much sharper and there is noticeably more punch at mid RPMs. And it sounds SO ANGRY now Kudos to you guys; let your engineers know!

    So far, I've noticed the following after installing my downpipe:

    1. Sound -- more overrun, rasp, volume, without sounding silly. Car sounds "exotic" now;
    2. Power -- noticeably more punch in the midrange;
    3. Throttle response -- biggest improvement here, the reduction of back pressure on the turbocharger makes the throttle very sharp;
    4. Emissions -- no check engine light.

    And to top it off, when I get my car tuned, I can go right to stage 2 now. Again, excellent product. Highly recommend!