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IPD Plenums were conceived, developed, tested, proven, and manufactured in the heart of the Porsche tuning capital, Southern California. The IPD plenums evolved from the age old hot rod philosophy of "never leave good enough alone". The genius behind the IPD Intake Plenums is not only the patented "Y" design but also the geometry of diversion areas, optimization of bore sizes, and internal surface area manipulation. Although the concept of the patented "Y" design plenum appears simple and straightforward, there is a science behind the diversion areas and optimization of volumetric efficiencies. It's only after countless prototypes and endless hours of dyno testing that an actual plenum design is put into production. 

The entire IPD team is dedicated to providing the absolute best aftermarket performance products for Porsche, which is why Fabspeed has chosen to partner with them to bring the Porsche community the ultimate in packaged performance. IPD Plenum upgrades are the single best addition to any Fabspeed performance exhaust, providing the maximum power gains from all of the bolt-on products in play. IPD stands behind each and every plenum and their promised power claims with a 100% money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied after 30 days.

Thousands of IPD Plenums have been sold with over a 99% customer satisfaction rate which few manufacturers can claim in any industry. IPD even has the skeptics covered with their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. So if you're ready to perfect the final piece of performance on your late model Porsche, then look no further!

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