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Fabspeed Motorsport’s Incredible Lifetime Warranty

At Fabspeed Motorsport USA, we design, manufacture and assemble the World’s finest automotive products, we are Exotic Car Performance Experts. To back up that claim and to prove to you that we are confident in our processes and products, we offer you the following - industry leading - Lifetime Warranty on our Fabspeed Motorsport brand manufactured products. No company in our space offers a iron clad warranty!

What we cover:

Fabspeed warrants to the original retail purchaser as well as rightful subsequent owners that our manufactured Fabspeed brand products are free from manufacturing defects, when used as intended, for the life of the product. Second hand and 3rd hand owners must have PROOF of ownership. If there is no proof Fabspeed at reasonable cost can recertify, revalidate and update to current state of the Art Specifications used systems to like new!

What we guarantee:

It’s simple; we guarantee your complete and total satisfaction when you install and use Fabspeed brand products in both street and race applications.

What this means:

Should the rightful owner of a Fabspeed manufactured product experience a structural issue or defect, Fabspeed will repair or replace our product at no cost to you for as long as you own our product and use it in the intended fashion. We will replace a verifiable failed, "current generation" catalytic converter, one time, at no charge, as long as any serial number and other production markings are unaltered, readable, and there is no physical damage to the converter. If the catalytic converter or exhaust components is NO LONGER available then at reasonable cost Fabspeed will upgrade you to current state of the art technology! 

Introducing the industry's first “sound” guarantee.

Yes! We guarantee you’ll be happy with the superb sports car sound of our products! 

Fabspeed knows that the pleasure one gets from hearing a sound is personal and very subjective. That’s why no other manufacturer will guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the sound produced by their products. To them, it’s too risky. But what those other manufacturers ignore when they exclude sound from their warranty is that you, the customer, may simply not be happy; well that’s just not good enough for us. 

Many factors affect the sound from your engine, for instance another company’s products or modifications to stock components when mixed with Fabspeed brand products may produce an entirely different sound than expected. We will work with you to help you understand what to expect based on your unique situation. Please let our knowledgeable Performance Experts know about your car’s non-Fabspeed modifications before hand before purchase. This was we can custom tailor sports car sound to your liking!  Custom personalized treatment. 

Here is our ‘Fabspeed Sound Solution’: 

If you are not happy with the sound of a Fabspeed brand manufactured exhaust - bought directly through our factory sales team - you can return it in accordance with our terms. 

Fabspeed’s Sound Solution Warranty is limited and it became effective on May 15, 2019. It begins on the delivery date of the product and ends forty five (45) days thereafter, it is only applicable to the original owner, and it only applies to purchases made directly from the Fabspeed Factory sales team or directly through www.fabspeed.com. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS AND DEALERS OF FABSPEED MOTORSPORT BRAND PRODUCTS ARE NOT CURRENTLY ELIGIBLE TO OFFER OUR SOUND SOLUTION WARRANTY TO CUSTOMERS.

We ask you to First Call us while the product is still properly installed on the vehicle - often we can help overcome sound objections with some simple modifications based on your unique circumstances.  We offer you, the original retail purchaser, a single one-time opportunity to return the product if you are not satisfied after 1st consulting with us. FABSPEED’S SOUND SOLUTION WARRANTY EXPIRES 45 DAYS AFTER THE PURCHASE DATE TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER AND IT IS NOT PART OF OUR TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY PROGRAM. 

To submit a warranty claim

The rightful owner must contact Fabspeed Motorsport via email at service@fabspeed.com to begin the process of a warranty claim.  Upon verification of warranty coverage, Fabspeed will happily and quickly honor our warranty to you as explained here. Fabspeed is the final authority on determining eligibility of any and all warranty claims.

There are a few important exceptions to be aware of:

  • We cannot warranty any product that was damaged intentionally or unintentionally.This includes things like unintentional damage caused from a vehicular accident, off Racetrack errors or mishap, or intentional damage caused by attempting to force fit our product to the vehicle, or misuse.

  • We cannot warranty any product that was not used for the intended purpose.  For instance, using leaded fuel, race fuel or fuel additives in a product that contains a catalytic converter will RUIN a catalytic converter. Also modifying a Fabspeed system intended for a specific year, make and model car and Modifying the system to FIT a different car will void warranty. This would be like putting our awesome Porsche GT3 Catback Competition Race X-Pipe on your 1978 Corvette L82.

  • Products that have a coating applied have a mixed warranty.  This exception applies to certain exhaust tips and other coated products. We warrant the coating for aesthetic defects and imperfections for one year. After one year, Fabspeed will still cover any structural defects with the product itself for the life of the product, but the coating and finish is no longer warranted or guaranteed. Fabspeed can have parts recoated at reasonable cost inquire.

  • We sell other great brands that are not manufactured by Fabspeed and they will carry a different warranty.  As an example, we sell high performance air filters from BMC which carries BMC’s warranty, not Fabspeed’s warranty. Some specialized products or services such as ECU performance tunes may not carry any warranty at all and may be sold ‘as is’. Please inquire about these warranty exceptions as Fabspeed can only abide by other manaufacturers warranty policy.

  • The Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty is generally transferable.This means that should you sell or transfer your rightfully owned Fabspeed brand product, the warranty on that product will continue with the new owner as long as the product is used as intended and subject to the limitations described here. Proof of sale or transfer of ownership is required. There will be a reasonable cost charged to recertify, revalidate and, upgrade the system to current State of the Art Specifications. 

  • Catalytic Converters are normal wear items and they have a limited useful life.  We limit the warranty on current generation catalytic converters to a one-time replacement, because when used as intended they should last for the life of the product unless they have initial factory defects or if they fail due to misuse. For instance, catalytic converters will fail prematurely if they are exposed to overly rich exhaust causing fuel to burn in the converter itself, by the use of leaded fuel or Racing Gas performance additives (even just once), or antifreeze or oil entering the exhaust system due to an engine malfunction. Racing gasoline and Race gas additives leave residue and smell sweet and is a indicator for failure. Another example, if a turbocharger should fail OIL will flood and RUIN catalytic converters and that would not be covered.  Fabspeed can determine the cause of failure and will advise our customers accordingly. Additionally, we cannot warranty the older generation catalytic converters that are no longer made or do not meet our current specifications. In those instances, Fabspeed may be able to offer new, current State of the Art  converters as an upgrade replacement at a reasonable price. Best warranty in the Industry!


Convenience Return Policy

We offer you the ability to return undamaged, non-customized, non-special order products within thirty (30) days from the date of delivery for any reason; we call this a “convenience return.”  This is a separate benefit from returns to us from a defect as covered in the Fabspeed Motorsport’s Incredible Lifetime Warranty or through our limited Sound Solution Warranty..

To qualify for a convenience return, contact us for a Return Authorization.  The product must be UNUSED and remain in undamaged and Fabspeed sealed original packaging. A copy of the original invoice and a brief explanation must accompany all returned items. It’s important that you follow our instructions for returning items carefully, if you do not, Fabspeed Motorsport reserves the right to charge a 25% restocking fee on any OPENED box item. If an order was shipped with a promotional “Free Shipping”, and the order is returned, we exclusively reserve the right to charge the customer or distributor for would have been the cost of that original shipping.

General Return Instructions

Please immediately contact Fabspeed via email or phone to discuss the circumstances of your return before returning any products and if the product is currently installed, before removing any products from your vehicle. Anything returned without prior authorization from Fabspeed Motorsport will be refused and RETURNED to the shipper. Any and all returns must be sent back fully prepaid. Our customer service department (service @ fabspeed.com) will issue a Return Authorization Number, which must accompany any returns and all returns must be properly packaged to help prevent shipping damage. All shipping charges are not covered by this warranty.

Shipping & Handling

Fabspeed Motorsport cannot be held liable for refusal of, delay of, loss of or damage to a shipment of any item. The customer agrees to indemnify Fabspeed Motorsport for any and all costs, fees and expenses Fabspeed incurs as a result of any violation of any local, state, federal, national or international laws or regulations. Customer agrees to take responsibility for lost packages that were not independently insured, or sent without requiring signature. The customer understands they will be liable in the event of additional fees, tariffs, or legal issues such as border seizure. Customer accepts these risks and agrees to release Fabspeed Motorsport of all liability.

Fabspeed Motorsport reserves the right to charge a shipping and handling fee on every order being shipped from our facility. This fee is universal and applies to all retail and wholesale purchases and cannot be waived or credited.

A 6% sales tax will be implemented for every purchase made by a Pennsylvania resident. This fee will be charged for in-house installations and products purchased online, over the phone, and/or via email, this fee is required by law, is non-negotiable and non-refundable.

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