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F430 Performance Parts

Ferrari Exhaust, Intake, Tunes, and more!

The F430 replaced the iconic 360 Modena with similarly elegant lines and an even more aggressive stance. Fitted with a naturally aspirated V8, the 430 is a powerful and nimble machine. Our F430 sport header upgrades add an extra 23 horsepower and 48 ft/lbs of torque on top of the already impressive performance.

The F430 is a gorgeous part of Ferrari’s incredible stable of supercars. Its elegant lines and F1 inspired technology define the brand’s Italian style and world-class performance. Fabspeed’s Ferrari upgrades are precisely tuned to bring out more horsepower and torque for an even throatier sound, more responsive throttle, and an exhilarating driving experience.

The F430’s tail lights are both modern and retro. Just like the rest of this car, you can see how designers were inspired by the car’s predecessors to create something completely new. Under the hood is an amazing V8 engine and race-inspired technology that will get you moving like no other machine can. Our Ferrari performance upgrades build off of that platform to achieve true greatness.


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