Porsche 996 Carrera Muffler Bypass Pipes (1999-2004)

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Lighten the rear of the vehicle while adding a very agressive Supercup-style sound by replacing the heavy factory mufflers with straight-through tubes                                    

NOTE: This is a very loud and aggressive exhaust system. We love it, but your wife/girlfriend/neighbors probably won't! If you're looking for maximum sound and performance, you've found it. If you are looking for a more subtle and daily-drivable upgrade, we recommend checking out the Maxflo Performance Exhaust or the Supercup Exhaust System.


  • Fits all Porsche 996 Carrera vehicles 1998-2004 (Model Specific)
  • Improves horsepower and torque by 23 whp and 45 ft-lbs
  • Saves over 35 lbs from the rear of the vehicle!
  • Used by many Rolex Grand Am race teams as well as PCA/POC and HPDE drivers
  • Simple DIY bolt-on installation; no cutting or welding required; easy to do at home in the garage
  • All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty


  • 5
    Excellent Upgrade!

    Posted by JohnnyMac on 14th Feb 2018

    Incredible difference in sound-the way a flat-six should sound! Very easy installation, (after discovering which 3 bolts to remove). Wife doesn't dig-but that is why she has her Merc. Although not a huge weight reduction in rear end, (approx 35-40 lbs), car seems to handle a bit better. Performance in low end better with increased torque and hp.
    Very loud-but that's why I did it!
    Highly Recommend!

  • 5
    Best upgrade...period!

    Posted by Anonymus on 4th Feb 2018

    Just installed yesterday on my 2004 996 Targa-WOW! Instantly the car sounded like a proper 911 should. The snarling, throaty, revving sound immediately changed every aspect of the car. Very glad I installed, (yep-your wife will be pissed, but hey you didn't buy the car for her anyway now did you?).
    Fabspeed should actually include directions to show WHICH 3 bolts to remove-this would have saved me over an hour of installation time. Job is quite easy and you mDO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE BUMPER!

  • 5
    Great value purchase

    Posted by Anonymus on 14th Sep 2016

    The best review for this product was the look on the face of the GT2 owner that sat next to me at the red light.

  • 5
    Aggressive Sound

    Posted by Mike on 20th Apr 2016

    Received the package the other day. The fit and finish was perfect. Excellent welding work. The attached clamps are much better than stock.

    There were no instructions, but it was pretty easy to install. A 13MM wrench to remove 3 bolts holding each muffler and a 15MM wrench to install the new bypass pipe. I was taking my time to figure out the best way to jack up the rear of the car and remove mufflers. In total the project took me about 1 hour, but easily could be done in 30 minutes or less. That is if you don't have rusty bolts. WD-40 before you start, it will make your job a lot easier.

    The first drive was a major improvement in sound and power. This really woke up the car. I feel like I'm finally driving an exotic sports car. Deep growl in high gears, with a nice clean and crisp rev in lower gears. When you drop gears, theres a clean crackle that is very crisp and should be expected for this type of car.

    At times you do need to change gears or adjust speeds to hear the radio or have a conversation, but its not too bad. There's some drone with higher gears while at cruising speeds.

    This kit is a must have in my opinion. Looking to add the intake kit in the near future.

  • 5
    The FabSpeed Mufflers Bypass Pipes are an awsome addition to the Carrera...

    Posted by Felix Santiago Mezquida on 1st Apr 2016

    Thanks to FabSpeed.... as promised FabSpeed delivered promptly a high quality product with excellent finish, including all parts, accesories and instructions for a very simple installation. No fiiting or modifications were needed.

    The sound is outstanting with a low drone bass in iddle and it becomes aggresive as you add power. At low speeds and moderate speeds within city limits, housing or school zones it goes by unnotticed, easy to hear radio or talk within the low revs as you acheive 40/50 miles per hour range.. no hassle or complaints received... no even from Urban Police. Mostly we received thumbs up from pedestrians and nearby cars that kept up with us with windows down to hear the sound!!!

    Once you step the power up things change very fast and a very aggresive sounds fills the car and the addrenaline rush hits every nerve... it becomes a very captivating with a loud deep sound.. no whistles ... you are going to love it.

    I have used other products and none comes close to the FabSpeed Bypass Pipes, the metallic grey Carrera video is my car... put the video on your family room surround system and turn on your speakers!!!!

    I can vouch that the Carrera has liven up in the horsepower and torque band.

    Thanks FabSpeed, surely will add the X pipe and headers very soon..