Porsche 987.2 Boxster / Cayman, Cayman R, Spyder Maxflo True X-Pipe with Dual Tips (2009-2012)

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-1.5 / - .7
  • Fabspeed Motorsport USA Deluxe Bolt-On Tips incorporating a Maxflo true X-pipe design for the Porsche 987 Boxster/Cayman, Cayman R, Boxster Spyder are a quick bolt-on option for upgrading both the look and performance of any and all 987 Boxster Cayman cars worldwide. We want to make sure you make the right decision when purchasing a tip option for your Boxster or Cayman. We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from our customers with our dual style tips that incorporate our true 100% MAXFLO CAD engineered X-Pipe design. The Dual style Tips are a do it yourself installation with four different exhaust tip options that include double wall mirror polished, double wall black ceramic coated, double wall matte carbon fiber, or single-wall brushed stainless steel. The Fabspeed Motorsport X pipe with tips designed to replace Porsche 987/ 987.2 OEM "H pipe tips" with our X pipe and dual exhaust tips give the extra flair, actual increased ripping sports car sound and significantl added power that will set your Porsche apart.

    The Fabspeed Motorsport true X-pipe with tips flows 38% more than any and all Porsche factory OEM H-pipe tips and a massive 62% more than copycat X-pipes in welded or cast stainless steel. The copycat cast X-pipes actually decrease exhaust flow by 24% versus the OEM Porsche exhaust tip system. Caveat Emptor- virtually all the ASIAN exhaust companies and several USA based companies sell a cast rear pipe with dual tips that 100% REDUCED any Porsche 987/987.2/981 cars power by -7HP to -9HP (GT4 the later). Fabspeed has the had polished and Sandblasted cast X pipes independent FLOW bench tested and DYNO tested and the H pipe marked as an X pipe will 100% CHOKE all stock Boxster Cayman cars in which the owners want to reuse their stock Porsche mufflers. Seriously NO BS. 

    Get the world's only and finest true Maxflo X-Pipe. See the explanation Video below so you don't make your car perform worse than the OEM Porsche tips. Caveat Emptor!  

    The factory Porsche AG OEM exhaust tip design sends exhaust gasses directly at each other from each end of the muffler. The exhaust pulses therefore slam into each other and then as pressure builds the exhaust is forced through a harsh 90 degree turn out to exit through the tips. Fabspeed's premium Maxflo X-pipe with dual tips is actually the world's only True X-pipe design. This allows exhaust gases to more efficiently exit the factory mufflers - increasing velocity and smoothing out sound resulting in a solid increase in power and exhaust volume. Equally appealing is the added aesthetic enhancement that our sporty exhaust tips offer and the finish is yours to choose from 4 tip finishes. This part is so very good in technical design, power and sports car sound increase it should be priced over $800.


          OEM / Factory                                                                     Fabspeed                                    



  • Fits all Porsche 987.2 Boxster/Cayman, Cayman R and Boxster Spyder cars worldwide (2009-2012)

  • Available in single wall angle cut Brushed Stainless Steel, double wall polished stainless steel, double wall ceramic black coated, matte carbon fiber over stainless steel. Looking to further personalize your tips with custom engraving, just let us know!

  • Maxflo true X-pipe comes with all new hardware and Dual tips sized at 4" / 102mm to fill out the bumper opening properly.

  • Constructed from T304L stainless steel and / or 100% authentic carbon fiber

  • Direct replacement for the factory Porsche OEM H pipes with dual tips or Porsche OEM T-outlet style dual tips.

  • Noticeable improvement in exhaust flow and sound that you'll notice.

  • Simple DIY bolt-on installation no cutting or welding required. Only need a 15mm and 13mm socket set to do a simple installation.

  • World's ONLY true X pipe in 2.5" 63.5mm made from 9 pieces of stainless steel. TRue X pipe knife edged inside and larger opening for MAXIMUM possible exhaust flow. 

  • Developed on the mighty 981 GT4 and GT4RS Clubsport with PSE. Independently dyno tested on 4.0 liter and 4.25liter stroker engines.

  • Fabspeed X pipe makes +7HP over Porsche H pipe and +14HP over a copycat polished or sandblasted "signature finished' POS. 

  • All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty

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