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Fabspeed Porsche 992 GT3 / GT3 RS RENNKRAFT® US PATENTED Modular Street and Racing Headers with HJS Catalytic Converters (2022+)

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HP (whp) / (crank):
+19 / +23
TQ (ft/lbs):
WT (lbs) / (KGs)::
-6 / -2.7

These Fabspeed Motorsport modular headers are the perfect solution for any street driven 992 GT3/ GT3RS. Our US Patented RENNKRAFT® modular design features a quick release V-band connector that allows the owner to easily swap between our German Imported  EMITEC HJS 200 cell Euro 6 homologated European homologated catalytic converters and QUICKTRACK™  “link pipes” for track use.  Rennkraft®, translated from German is “Race Power”. These unique headers offer true street and racetrack functionality in an innovative precision engineered package. Fabspeed was the Worlds Very 1st company to 3D laser scan, design, patent and Dyno develop these premium headers with HJS Germany and noted Porsche engine builders. There is NO better header for your 992 GT3 available worldwide 100% guaranteed! 


Fabspeed Motorsport USA, utilizing 29+ years of Air-cooled an Watercooled experience has made the 992 GT3 sound incredible with these high flowing headers. Equipped with our HJS German super premium  200 cell cats, you will get a more aggressive CUP car style exhaust note with a much more raw  Flat 6 sports car sound. Higher frequency tones are more defined, and deceleration burbles are more robust and transparent. With the cat bypass pipes installed, the GT3 turns into a motorsport bred Race Track ONLY monster. At part throttle the volume isn't overbearing, but the sound is very aggressive and race bred. With the stock muffler in place, there is no drone what-so-ever with maximum clean and green emissions power. GET the Worlds best Patented systems- Innovation NOT Imitation is what your GT3 deserves with Fabspeed Motorsport USA. 


After extensive dyno development we found the optimal header length and diameter. With no tune, compared to a stock car we gained +19HP / 16 whp (whp+ horsepower to the wheels)  and 20 ft/lbs of TQ with the Sport Cats and +23HP /  19 whp and 26 ft/lbs of TQ with Cat Bypass installed. That's a gain of 19 HP and 23 HP, respectively, at the crank! Peak horsepower also increased from our baseline of 452 whp to 461 whp with our HJS Sport Cats and 468 whp with Cat Bypass Pipes. As you can easily SEE EMITEC HJS German tri-metallic catalytic converters deliver virtually all the CLEAN and Green Power that is wonderful.  See our dyno graph above for more details.


  • Fits all Porsche 992 GT3 and GT3 RS 2022+ Models worldwide (This system does delete the GPF on EU cars, and will cause a check engine light for a monitored GPF system unless a simulator or tune is used)
  • Impressive dyno proven power gains of  20 Horsepower and 25FtLb torque at the crank or 16 wheel horsepower and 20 ft/lbs of TQ with the Sport Cats and 19 whp and 26 ft/lbs of TQ with link comp pipes installed
  • PATENTED SYSTEM WORLDWIDE is the worlds very 1st Dual use STREET and RACETRACK Competition system. 
  • Save 6 lbs / 2.7 KGs compared to the factory headers
  • Modular design that uses a V-band clamp so one can quickly swap between cats and comp link pipes for racing. The reason we do this is so you can save your HJS catalytic converters from the ABUSE on Endurance Racing and real closed course long term competition. 
  • Modular patented design also ALLOWS HJS catalytic converter Replacement as needed. Simply remove old catalytic converter and install a new replacement catalytic converter if ever needed. 
  • The catbypass pipes are 100% NOT intended for street usage and to defeat emissions. 
  • Constructed from CNC mandrel-bent T304L stainless steel, lost wax precision investment cast inlet flanges and CAD designed CNC flanges. 
  • Switching to cat-bypass for track events prevents catalytic converter degradation during all out competition racing abuse
  • With the RENNKRAFT® system, you can quickly install our QUICKTRACK™ cat bypass pipes for Racing and all out Race track-only competition events
  • The RENNKRAFT® system has been awarded a US Patent and is the only system of its kind in the world
  • F1 style high velocity  triangular merge collectors with merge spike for maximum scavenging. 
  • Designed from 3D  LASER scans of the OEM headers so we can achieve perfect bolt-on fitment
  • We use German imported EMITEC  HJS HD tri-metallic 200-cell EURO 6 homologated catalytic converters for the best performance and reliability
  • We use the largest catalytic converters that will fit in the factory location for maximum flow
  • Optimized for maximum performance with NO catalyst generated check engine light, guaranteed, when Sport Cats are installed
  • Caveat Emptor- buyer beware Fabspeed Motorsport USA is HJS Germany's EXCLSIVE importer distributor for all of North & South America. NO other USA company has the RIGHT to be offering HJS cats and IF they are the HJS cats are thereby Grey Market, Black Market, Blems, or counterfeit! Genuine HJS Emitec European Homologated Euro certified catalytic converters are state of the art at Fabspeed USA. ASK hard questions if anyone says they use HJS cats and CALL US for any questions!
  • Built 100% in house at Fabspeed Motorsport USA in Fort Washington, PA
  • 100% Guaranteed to be the Worlds Finest headers with EPA compliant emissions legal HJS German catalytic converters and for all out Racing Closed course competition catbypass pipes race pipes. SWAP ON and SWAP off. 
  • 29+ years of air-cooled and water-cooled Porsche experience went into our design for these hand-crafted headers
  • Simple bolt-on installation, no cutting or welding required
  • All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty


  • For licensing of the RENNKRAFT® system, please inquire (215-646-4945)



HJS Emission technology German imported EMITEC  catalytic converters are made from the highest grade materials in the WORLD. There is simply no alternative Street, Autobahn and Race Proven catalytic converter that compares in the World. 

HJS German proven catalytic converters offer the Worlds very best high performance power increases along with enhanced Sportscar sound and long term proven durability.  Any and all other brands of catalytic converters simply and quickly degrade , lose power and give the car a Check Engine Light and or do not scrub the exhaust systems as well as the OEM catalytic converters. 

HJS German EMITEC  200CPSI  catalytic converters can flow up to 90-93% of a straight pipe in most applications. The benefit is that you get the "straight pipe exotic sound" while still being able to provide enough emissions scrubbing to prevent a check engine light.   DO NOT ASSUME ALL CATALYTIC CONVERTERS ARE THE SAME or EVIL PErformance killers. HJS EMITEC catalytic converters are 100% Guaranteed to make more power than any Illegal cat-bypass pipes even on Turbocharged engines with aftermarket high performance turbos.  If you'd like to learn more, watch our video about HJS German  catalytic converters.

FABSPEED MOTORSPORT USA was appointed 20 years ago as HJS Emissions Technology Menden Germany as HJS Exclusive importer and distributor for all of North and South America. Therefore when you purchase HJS catalytic converters and or Fabspeed systems equipped with HJS catalytic converters the PURCHASER is 100% ASSURED that they have received Genuine certified high-performance HJS components imported directly from HJS Emitec Germany.

ONLY Fabspeed Motorsport can offer HJS German direct imported catalytic converters in the USA. Any other company offering HJS Equipped products SHOULD be QUESTIONED before purchase as to where they obtained HJS Catalytic converters. If they reply they did NOT buy HJS catalytic converters from Fabspeed Motorsports USA, HJS Exclusive importer , you can be assured that the HJS cats are either certainly counterfeit, Grey Market and or falsified and engraved HJS just like a fake ROLEX watch. Never Ever assume when you can go direct to Fabspeed or one of our buyers to obtain 100% Genuine HJS Emitec Certified Homologated high performance racing catalytic converters. 

Fabspeed HJS German tri-metallic catalytic converters are State of the Art ultimate emission legal performance enhancing components. Your sports car , SUV and Truck equipped with HJS German catalytic converters is 100% Guaranteed to make more Horsepower, Torque, enhanced sports car, better fuel economy than any OEM stock catalytic converter and or ANY Illegal Cat Bypass pipe downtube. In fact, if you have any older cars, used cars and or cars with FAILING, DELETED or Butchered catalytic converters then do yourself a favor and UPGRADE your car with a set of FAbspeed HJS German high-flow trimetallic OBD2 European Certified Homologated catalytic converters. Its the Right thing to do to achieve CLEAN and GREEN Performance and leave absolutely nothing on the table for performance and sports car sound. Furthermore all the Air we breathe globally is not affected by using cat-bypass pipes or stupid solutions like NOn Catted downtubes. 

HJS GErman catalytic converters aka catalysts on a properly tuned and functioning engine and engine management systems offer  guarantee NO CEL -  NO Check Engine Lights.This is in direct comparison to NO NAME Cheap as dirt ASIAN Pacific Rim 100% guarantee to Fail catalytic converters and Cheap European and USA aftermarket catalytic converters . Do NOT even waste your time , money and energy evaluating any other brand of catalytic converters for your high-performance car. 

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