BMW M235i (F22) Muffler Bypass Exhaust System

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Up the aggression and drop weight while unleashing the visceral tones of the N55 engine                

There are loud exhausts, there are great sounding exhausts. When you have a loud AND great sounding system....M235i OH MY! The N55 has a great voice to match the power it produces, and we wanted to let it sing. Our Muffler Bypass Exhaust System deletes the rear muffler, shedding 14 lbs in the process. This is an exhaust for those who like it aggressive. Expect an intoxicating and menacing barrage of pops and crackles upon deceleration. In cabin tone is very reasonable, with our Sport Cat Downpipe installed we would have no qualms daily driving it at all. 


  • Fits all BMW F22 M235i vehicles - with options for fitment with standard factory rear bumper and for bumpers with the M Performance rear diffuser

  • Saves 14 lbs from the rear of the vehicle 

  • Will make everyone you know envious of the glorious sound errupting from your BMW

  • 14-16ga T304L 3"-2.5" stainless steel piping

  • Includes Deluxe Quad Style Tips in your choice of finish. Available in either 3" Polished Chrome or Satin Black and 3.5" Carbon Fiber

  • All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty

NOTE:  Installation requires cutting the factory exhaust near a factory break point. Everything required for installation is included. The Fabspeed system installs quickly over the factory piping using the included Torca clamp. Reinstallation of the factory rear muffler (for our friends with leased vehicles) is quick and easy!




4 Reviews

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    When you get off the gas before the car upshifts it sounds amazing

    Posted by Ben on 16th Feb 2017

    Throttle response feels slightly better, and there feels like a bucket of more power to be had at 60-80% WOT. I havent let her rip yet but i want to get to sonoma drag raceway in a week or so. Muffler Delete. Well its kinda funny actually, because I didnt realize how much louder this is than in videos. It sounds like a beast during a cold start, and in bumper to bumper traffic drone and loudness is fine. City driving seems ok except in slow traffic there is a little drone, thus some vibrations but it isnt insane. Highway from 60-80 mph is actually not that loud, and i havent heard any drone. perhaps something to do with the 8 speed and where the rpms fall. Zero complaints there. When you get off the gas before the car upshifts it sounds amazing. I ordered the larger carbon fiber tips, and they look amazing on the car. really gives the car a more sport/aggressive look on BSM. Probably on any color you have.

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    The tone of my car is incredibly deep and aggressive in comparison to the M Performance exhaust

    Posted by Arianna on 28th Sep 2016

    After extensive research (I mean extensive) on what exhaust set up was cost effective, practical, and gave me the desired sound, I found Fabspeed. Valvetronic exhaust was what I originally had my heart set on; however, the price tag on these exhausts can be extremely high and as a college student, I need to be practical (as practical as car parts get) with my expenditures. After further research, I decided that the muffler bypass and resonator delete exhaust set up they offered would be the best bet and I quite frankly didn't expect the outcome... First of all, it was absolutely gorgeous, an very aesthetically pleasing set up. The carbon fiber tips really give it that extra umph. Then, after installing, which was incredibly easy, I turned it on for the first time... wow. The tone of my car is incredibly deep and aggressive in comparison to the M Performance exhaust originally on my car. I have attached a video link so that you are able to hear it for yourself, remember I have not installed an aftermarket downpipe.

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    You WILL NOT be disappointed. Great quality, amazing service, great people.

    Posted by Joe on 23rd May 2016

    I was curious about downpipe suggestions and Bobby from FABSPEED reached out to me immediately to give me some help online. I ended up getting a catless downpipe and ordering the FABSPEED Muffler Bypass system from Bobby. He was quick with his answers and was nothing but helpful the entire process. Good dude to do business with 100 %. He also invited me to have a tour of the shop and spend a day at the FABSPEED facility while they were installing the part. When I arrived at the facility I was blown away. I felt like I walked into a movie. Every model Porsche you can imagine, McLarens on lifts….I never seen so many exotics. (besides auto shows) I was in heaven. I was greeted at the counter They offered me coffee, water, and the remote control to their huge flatscreen tv =] . I swear this was the cleanest shop I have ever seen. You could eat off the ground in that place. Bobby came up to the front desk and walked me around their shop. They have a ton of brand new cutting edge fabrication tools and technology, an AWD dyno, in-house tuner. You name it, they have it. BLOWN AWAY. And on top of all that, the employees were all super nice, and just as geeky about cars as I am. I felt right at home. Bobby and myself went to lunch in his m235i (6 speed also, FABSPEED Muffler Bypass and FABSPEED Sport Cat Downpipe) and it sounded amazing!!! MEAN MEAN MEAN. After returning from lunch my car was done and it was time to hear the first start up. The car sounds amazing already, but wow I was in for a surprise. Bobby started my car and I stood outside and it roared to life. I was aiming to have a sound that would turn heads and that is exactly what I got. I am used to loud and I know for a fact most people like to keep things conservative, but coming from a guy with a baby blue car, conservative isn't necessarily a priority. Different strokes for different folks. The revs were LOUD in a rich exotic tone with borderline breath taking backfires. When you drive down the street and it blurps every upshift and every downshift sounds like rapid gunfire. Perfection IMO. I have received nothing but compliments on the sound. I have never driven a car and enjoyed it this much. The sound is intoxicating. At 3200 RPM it SCREAMS. Pretty much sounds like a full on race car. It is a nice feeling to just drive slow and listen a rich and exotic exhaust note. The quality of the exhaust is mind bending. The welds and overall finish is pure art. After the start up, I followed Bobby to an empty lot to do some filming of the exhaust setup. Bobby and myself share the same exhaust setup except my car is catless. After doing some some revs, slow rolling shots, and flybys, we headed back to FABSPEED to take photos. Mike, the FABSPEED Marketing Director, was awesome and took some phenomenal photos/footage of our cars. All in all it was a great experience and I cannot wait to go back. HUGE thank you to Bobby at FABSPEED.

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    Just wanted to thank you again for helping me out with the muffler delete

    Posted by Colin on 25th Apr 2016

    I had it installed yesterday then promptly drove 100 miles around town through underground parking garages and tunnels. Used up a half a tank of gas in one go. All in all though the sound exceeded my expectations by miles and then some. I will absolutely recommend Fabspeed to anyone I meet up here and will be looking to do business again in the future.

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