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How to Boost Horsepower and Enhance Sports Car Sound.

Posted by Fabspeed Motorsport on 12th Jun 2024

How to Boost Horsepower and Enhance Sports Car Sound.

Fabspeed Motorsport Upgrades to boost horsepower and enhance sports car sound for Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, and More!

Specifically discussing - Porsche GT4 RS / GT3 RS 9000 RPM super high-performance engines. 

Fabspeed Motorsport USA has been designing, engineering, Dyno developing, street and Race track testing, AutoBahn durability testing, and selling the world's finest air-cooled and water-cooled exhaust systems and components for over 30 years. For decades, Fabspeed has applied knowledge gained from CAD designing and cutting OPEN Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren, and other exhaust systems to significantly enhance power and sports car sound. No other company anywhere in the world has Fabspeed Motorsport USA's level of experience and expertise. These facts and knowledge gained over decades of street and race competition are invaluable when truly improving power and sports car sound on super high-performance engines.

How can Fabspeed Motorsport make additional horsepower and enhanced sports car sound?

It all simply comes down to properly applying the Laws of Physics, Thermodynamics, Dyno developing various CAD designed systems, road testing for sound quality, utilizing the World’s Very Finest Components and Parts, consulting with professional race engine builders- tuners, applying 30 years of experience, NOT cutting corners nor outsourcing everything (simple reselling promoting other companies systems) and adequate development time and maximizing volumetric efficiency. All of the above is mandatory and serious investments in tooling, engineering are critical to achieve maximum power and symphonic sports car sound. Most other companies simply resell Chinese exhausts and put all their EFFORTS and RESOURCES into YouTube and social media efforts to sell systems that often lose power and break and fail.

TO MAKE MORE POWER and Quality sports car sound.1st remember that engines are simply air pumps that take fuel and ambient air and compress and ignite the mixture to make power which is torque. Modern internal combustion engines with 4 strokes were designed by Nicolaus August Otto. OTTO was a German engineer who successfully developed the compressed charge internal combustion engine which ran on petroleum gas and led to the modern internal combustion engine. 4 Stroke engines the old AVIATION phrase is SUCK, SQUEEZE, BANG, BLOW. The engine sucks in a mixture of fuel and air, then squeezes it together (compresses it), then it burns/explodes with a bang, and finally, it blows out the exhaust. Torque is applied to the crankshaft and that results in horsepower.

Fabspeed simply applies the laws of physics to enhance power and performance to all 4-stroke exotic car engines.

So one might assume that a factory Porsche GT4RS/ 992 GT3, 992 GT3RS are so very well developed that there is NO additional horsepower, Torque, or sports car sound that can be gained from “simple bolt-on modifications” and potentially a highly strung Porsche GT car might lose performance with “bolt-on modifications”.

The ANSWER is YES/ YAVOLT. Yes, you can increase sports car sound and add significant usable power OR you can easily spend money and lose horsepower and torque with certain sources and suppliers of questionable “bolt-on performance parts”. Often, the worst part is the Porsche GT owner has been taken advantage of and paid for the bad defective so-called performance parts.

At Fabspeed Motorsport we 1st base line DYNO test any car after an easy break-in period per factory recommendations. This baseline DYNO shows power reading from engine idle to red-line. From this point Fabspeed examines and 3D laser scans the engine vehicle undertray, laser scans the engine and laser scans each exhaust and intake component. After initial evaluation and CAD data, we evaluate what components and systems can be improved upon versus the Factory components.

Logically, OEM, original equipment manufacturers, have a set budget to design, engineer, test, globally source parts, then build the cars and go to market. Once a Porsche GT3/ GT4RS engine power level is set at Porsche and durability standards have been met then COST and PRICE dictate the final design, and sports car sound is typically conservative vis a vis the marketplace and European noise regulations and other worldwide certifications that the OEM has applied for. The aforementioned logic simply crosses over to Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and other sports cars and cars in general. Target sales prices of vehicles are a goal and minimizing production and manufacturing costs as much as possible maximizes net profit per vehicle. Therefore design compromises are made and that is reality versus Fabspeed Motorsport USA.

Porsche GT3/ GT4/ GTRS cars have to therefore provide driver excitement and reliability - and can be “muted or attenuated enough for a wealthy dentist, doctor, and or any consumer to daily drive and enjoy the car. Porsche has to therefore dull the sound and performance levels to accommodate a vast audience of buyers despite a BlitzKrieg of Nurburgring Nordschleife TRACK FOCUSED Videos, sexy YouTube videos, and Carrera Cup Videos. Car manufacturers have to be conservative as a for example newly divorced buyer and or mid-life crisis buyer or better yet “an impulse buyer” of Porsche GT3, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and or Mclaren MIGHT simply BUY the car and THEN complain and whine that the car is too aggressive, rides too bumpy on the road, too noisy, loud and is uncomfortable and have buyers remorse.

Next, we're looking at a standard mass-produced Porsche GT flat-six engine that delivers 500HP from a 4.0-liter, 244 cubic inches horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine. This engine features variable valve timing, multiple oil scavenging pumps, and individual throttle bodies (ITBs). Additionally, it is equipped with two ceramic 700-cell restrictive catalytic converters, GPFs, a reverse flow 6-chamber rear muffler/back box with electronic valves, and a pair of bolt-on exhaust tips. This setup represents the complete OEM exhaust package for the 992 GT3/GT3RS, designed for a controlled sound output. Similar conservative engineering design principles are also employed by Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, and other sports car manufacturers.

All in-house at Fabspeed HQ, we 3D scanned the OEM GT3 headers and designed a GTLM long tube 321 stainless steel header with Burns merge collectors and HJS German 200 CPSI catalytic converters, employing 2 resonators and a rear X pipe to the rear tips. Non-valved, the GT3 picked up over 50 Horsepower and power all across the RPM band and it sounds awesome. The world's very best parts and components are 100% dyno-dEVELOPED IN-HOUSE AND proven at Fabspeed.

NEXT, we developed a rear GT3 valved system using the world's very finest British imported electronic exhaust valves from Helical Limited U.K. Helical is an aerospace company and Helical exhaust valves are used exclusively on Porsche GT, Ferrari, Mclaren, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Pagani, Koenigseggs and Gordon Murray's T30 and T50 hypercars. Helical exhaust valves are 100% bullet-proof and SIGMA 6 quality-controlled. Sigma 6 exhaust valves from Helical have a success rate of 99.9996% or a failure rate of 1 out of 974,000. Aircraft and mission-critical applications are only higher at 8 SIGMA.

The Fabspeed GT3 system uses our investment cast 70mm X pipe that MERGES both sides of the flat-six and the exhaust valves are simply ultra-reliable plug-in exhaust valves for the factory Porsche wiring harnesses. This system added significant horsepower and torque, had no sympathetic drone, saved - 25 pounds (11 kilograms), and added +16 HP and +17 Torque. The Fabspeed GT3 rear “cat-back valved system” is 100% EPA and CARB compliant and complies with Porsche factory warranty globally. There is simply NO better system 100% guaranteed. Finally, any exotic car exhaust, especially Porsche GT cars, MUST 100% have Helical exhaust valves as they are NOT substitutable for any other cheap Chinese Asian exhaust valve that is 100% guaranteed to fail.

The Fabspeed 992 GT3 and GT4RS and other headers benefit from the world's best HJS German imported ultra high-flow catalytic converters and consulting with renowned engine builders and tuners. The headers are designed in CAD and flow simulated in CAD and then the CNC mandrel is bent on a $650,000 all-electric defense quality UNISON U.K. mandrel bender at Fabspeed. The GT headers inlet flanges are CAD designed and investment cast lost wax in stainless steel so the oval Porsche flat-six ports have maximum flow and absolute flatness to the header round tubes to a high velocity merge collectors. Argon tig welding and state-of-the-art laser welding technology are employed ONLY at Fabspeed Motorsport USA!

Fabspeed did NOT STOP THERE either. For over 30 years Fabspeed has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing the world's finest exotic car exhaust systems and air-intake systems. Fabspeed has a FULL RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT department with 3D scanning, FARO CMM arm digitization, 3D printing capability, in-house CNC equipment including HAAS Vertical VF2 and HAAS lathe, Bystronic German CNC al electric press-brake, and FLOW Mach 3 water-jet. Fabspeed harnesses these systems and incrementally DYNO develops its systems to maximize horsepower and develop quality sports car sound. CAVEAT EMPTOR- while Fabspeed does serious world-class R &D mots other companies foreign and domestic use R &D to mean, “RIP-OFF and DUPLICATE”. These companies typically RE-SELL Taiwanese and Chinese cheap exhaust systems with illegal cat bypass pipes/ Race pipes and super cheap 100% guaranteed-to-fail exhaust valves.

Competitors OUTSOURCE the entire product line along with quality, performance, and sports car sound to a 3rd party and then FOCUS on creating a bogus website with bogus bullshit morals and values and then SIMPLY PUSH and SELL everything they can get and hype up the product and do Youtube and FaceBook videos. Lots of gangster signs and Tough GUY bogus sales hype Videos. DON'T be a sucker and get dragged in “ADVICE ask for a SHOP VIDEO tour and or ASK for an actual shop tour. You will likely get nothing- since most companies are simply RESELLING WHORING out cheap defective exhaust systems.

The Fabspeed GT headers are the world's very best, were AWARDED a United States Patent and we call our patented headers RennKraft which is German for Race Power. The Fabspeed Rennkraft are long tube headers with a V Band so you can install an HJS German racing catalytic converter for emissions-legal street driving, race track driving, and all-out endurance racing remove the catalytic converter in 10 minutes and run a straight pipe. A last benefit of the Rennkraft Patented systems is that if the HJS catalytic converters ever go bad you can replace the HJS catalytic converter for servicing quickly. As you know all Porsche GT headers and many Porsche headers have a restrictive OEM catalytic converter welded to the headers so if the catalytic converter wears out or breaks the cars require an expensive brand-new replacement header.

Fabspeed applied real engineering and development time to perfect replacement exhaust system parts and even a complete system for these cars. If you are a car owner and or a performance shop do your research and ask questions about what BRAND of exhaust valves are being utilized. What type of catalytic converters are being used along with sizes and DYNO sheets untouched?

Lastly, take a shop tour, our company's GT3 and GT4 RS (as well as some of our other cars) will be on display. Our staff would be glad to share their knowledge and have you hear that Fabspeed sound that everyone knows and loves.

The above information is reality when a true motorsports passionate driven team of engineers and enthusiasts UNLOCKS significant performance and sports car sound on high-strung exotic cars.

Visit for detailed Dyno data and Videos explaining the process.