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Fabspeed x Indecent: The Ultimate Porsche 997 Restomod

Posted by Rob Hunt on 2nd Nov 2022

Fabspeed x Indecent: The Ultimate Porsche 997 Restomod

In the last decade, we’ve seen shops like Singer, Alfaholics, Gunther Werks, and many others, create incredible “restomod” modern interpretations of classic cars. Of course, these are all based on cars that had already solidified their mark in the automotive world as iconic models that will stand the test of time. In the post-Covid collector car market, cars that previously had no collectability are gaining traction and desirability. Models from the 90’s and 00’s are bringing record numbers at auction, opening up opportunities for a new era of modern classics and restomod versions of these cars.

Indecent, headed by Phillip Tieu and Sebastien Polit, is at the forefront of this modern restomod movement. His company has tirelessly worked to create the ultimate version of the water-cooled Porsche. Phillip first contacted us in the summer of 2022 for their Porsche 997 Carrera “002 SEMA build”. He knew Fabspeed has a reputation for building the best quality exhaust systems on the market, as well as our incredible research and development program for extracting the most performance potential out of any application.

Indecent 002: Porsche Carrera 997 Widebody

After expert collaborations and a careful analysis of the project goals for “002”, we settled on a bespoke exhaust system consisting of some off-the-shelf components, such as our Rennsport Muffler and Valved Side Muffler Bypass Pipes, and some custom-made parts like the headers. Some discerning readers may have already noticed that the Rennsport Muffler and Valved Side Muffler Bypass Pipes are designed for the Porsche 997-991.2 GT3. 002 was designed for a center exit exhaust (not factory on 997 Carreras), and sports a VF Engineering supercharger, so we saw both the opportunity and the need to use a GT3-style exhaust system which would be able to handle the increased power from the VF Engineering supercharger and while still retaining a streetable volume level. Our Rennsport Muffler is designed to have absolutely no drone when used with a Porsche flat-6 engine, and when paired with our Valved Side Muffler Bypass Pipes, it offers an adjustable sound level. With the flick of a switch, the driver can choose between a loud and aggressive cup car symphony or a tame and discrete cafe quartet.

Indecent’s vehicle design director and founder, Sebastien Polit, opted for our Brushed Single Wall Stainless Steel Tips to accent the satin Aluminum finish of the Rotiform wheels.

A few other details that are unique to the “002” build are the bespoke polished logo plates that are welded atop the band straps. These are made in-house on our waterjet and require the band straps to be captive underneath to properly display both Indecent and Fabspeed logos.

As with any passion project, it’s never finished. Future commissions of the Indecent 997 restomod will also feature 200 Cell HJS Catalytic Converters provided by Fabspeed as part of a complete exhaust package. This will keep the car road legal and maintain excellent sound and performance.