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Fabspeed Reviews the PES Fiber Laser Welder

Posted by Francesca Fabiani on 16th Nov 2021

Fabspeed Reviews the PES Fiber Laser Welder

Over the last 25+ years, Fabspeed has made incredible strides in our manufacturing capabilities. It started in 1994 with the founder, Joe Fabiani, building a Porsche 993 exhaust in his garage and local machine shops. Fabspeed has evolved into a 26,000 sq ft manufacturing facility located in Fort Washington, PA, where we build all of our systems in-house - right here in the United States of America.

Despite investing millions in CNC manufacturing equipment, Robotic Scanners, 3D Printers, and technology, we have never seen a machine quite as revolutionary as this one. We’re thrilled to announce our acquisition and implementation of two PES Fiber Laser Handheld Welding Stations.

The name “Fiber Laser,” stands for the fiber optical core within the handheld tool or automatic machine that delivers a high energy laser beam to the working surface. The PES Handheld 1500watt Fiber Laser system allows for the welding of mild steel, stainless steels, titanium and aluminum up to .25” 6.5mm thick with unmatched speed, stability, great penetration, and significantly reduced deformation. Typical companies deploying this Fiber Laser welding technology are medical, aerospace, nuclear and NADCAP companies.

The PES Fiber Laser is a cutting edge handheld fiber laser welding system that provides unmatched speed and reliability compared to TIG and MIG welding. It increases stability by having all parameters visible, with the entire machine state being monitored in real time.

How does this increase production speed? Speed is gained from the reduction in operator engagement - through stable parameters and high repeatability with a defined air pressure nozzle and lens state. Therefore, problems can be avoided preemptively, solved quickly and more conveniently, ensuring the stability of the plumb joint.

The Fiber Laser welding machine is a force multiplier of 3-5 fabricators. Given the state of the global supply chain crisis and its effect on lead times, this is a game changer for production companies dedicated to cutting edge quality and performance.. The overall improvement to manufacturing efficiency and its ability to shorten lead times has been instrumental for us in just a few weeks. Our workflow has increased with confidence maintaining exceptional quality and precision welds, something we take great pride in. Fabspeed reviews production capacity at 10/10 - a well oiled machine - as the PES Fiber Laser is up to 10 times faster than MIG/TIG welding with optimal quality and precision.

Now unless you’re a metal fabricator or engineer that is lucky enough to appreciate first-hand the genius level of precision the PES fiber laser provides, you’ll have to stay tuned for our new series “How It’s Made: With the PES Fiber Laser.”

PES Fiber Laser technology will continue to revolutionize the fabrication industry. The handheld system has made various welding processes simpler, safer and added unparalleled quality control. Beginner to intermediate skilled welders can create beautiful welds with minimal training, which is something this industry has never seen before. Welder's with years of experience truly love Fiber Laser welding and Fiber Laser cutting and trimming.

Fiber laser welding offers many advantages over traditional TIG and MIG welding. It’s consistent power, incredible speed, and its exceptional ease of use to name a few. If TIG and MIG welding tools are the Cessna single and dual Prop plane of welding, the handheld fiber laser welding system is the F15 Strike fighter attack aircraft and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.