Fabspeed Partners with The 900 Series on MotorTrend TV

Fabspeed Partners with The 900 Series on MotorTrend TV

Posted by Rob Hunt on 21st Apr 2020

The year 2020 sure has brought some different adventures, in many forms, for all of us. As we work on staying safe and spending a bit more time working in our garages, the work hasn’t slowed for Carls Place out in Vegas. We’re excited to see what’s in store as each episode develops! No better time to be binge-watching your favorite gear head shows than now. The 900 Series on MotorTrend TV is a Porsche only TV show set at Carl’s Place in Las Vegas Nevada. The owner of 900 Series Motorsports Inc, Tony Mazzagatti, said that the show is about celebrating the culture that has developed around the Porsche brand. "Porsche lovers and owners are a special breed of people, so we want to celebrate the car, the owner, and the culture that surrounds Porsche vehicles" - Tony Mazzagatti.

With over 25 years of experience in modifying Porsches, Fabspeed is the perfect company to provide the guys at 900 Series with the right performance parts for the beautiful Porsches they working on. Here’s Randy, shop general manager, talking about the Fabspeed modifications they just installed on a customer’s 987.2 Cayman.

Catch the show every Saturday at 7am EDT on MotorTrend TV.