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Fabspeed Partners with SummitLife!

Posted by Gary Hartell on 2nd Apr 2020

Fabspeed Partners with SummitLife!

When SummitLife contacted us to get a new exhaust for their Ferrari F430 we couldn’t wait to partner up and see how we can add some of our product line to wake it up. We've been fans of SummitLife’s channel ever since we first saw Clayton in Stradman’s videos. The wraps Clayton and Faith put on their customers cars are nothing short of amazing.

Clayton gets down and dirty installing the Fabspeed exhaust on his F430

The gorgeous purple F430 had a Tubi exhaust on it, but it wasn’t quite cutting it for Clayton and Faith. They wanted a much more aggressive Ferrari F1 sports car sound and they knew exactly what they wanted. The whole package of Sport Headers, Sport Cats and our Supersport X-Pipe Exhaust System was the way to go. Something we think Sal would approve of. This full system really wakes up the 430’s screaming V8 engine. Clayton really summed it up when he said, “It sounds sooo much better! It sounds like an F1 car now.

Clayton loves the sound of his new Fabspeed exhaust

But, no shop is complete without some wall swag - and the best way to mod out your workspace would be a Summit Auto Labs/Fabspeed custom wall art. Make sure to head over to their channel and check out ALL their videos, subscribe and stay tuned for more. We have a good feeling they have some pretty cool stuff coming up this year...

Faith loves the new Fabspeed wall art