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Fabspeed offers a wide array of high-end professional detailing services for exotic cars and high-end sports cars.  Our trusted detailing partners are available for in-shop service at our Fort Washington location or on-site service in the Greater Philadelphia Area, including Bucks, Montgomery, and Chester counties.  A selection of services are outlined below.  Please contact us for pricing and details.



Full-service exterior detailing removes light, medium, and heavy clear coat imperfections for best possible finish. Great for show or concourse vehicles!

    • Vehicle moldings and accessories are taped to protect from buffer
    • Paint thickness is measured on each panel to determine integrity
    • Diminishing abrasives are used in conjunction with a foam pad and a microfiber pad
    • Multiple polishing passes performed in order to bring paint up to maximum potential
    • Paint is inspected under intense light to condition before applying sealant
    • Sealant followed by wax or optional ceramic coating upgrade
    • If required, 1500-3000 grit leveling discs can be used to even out paint before using liquid abrasion (extra fee applies)
    • All steps from Gold and Silver Packages included!

Removes light and medium clear coat imperfections for a like-new finish.

    • Vehicle moldings and accessories are taped to protect from buffer
    • Paint thickness is measured on each panel to determine integrity
    • Each panel is polished 2-3 times to remove minor imperfections such as light surface scratches, swirls, and oxidation
    • Paint glaze is applied to acheive a deep gloss and cover deeper imperfections that may remain after polishing is completed
    • Paint sealant is applied to add a strong layer of protection
    • Wax is applied to add another layer of depth and protection
    • All steps from Silver Package included!

Removes light imperfections; perfect for maintenance and regular upkeep.

    • Wheel face, spokes, and barrel cleaned by hand with non-acidic cleaner and non-abrasive brushes
    • Wheels wells cleaned and washed thoroughly
    • Door jambs and trunk jambs are cleaned by hand with soft boar's hair brushes and rinsed carefully
    • Vehicle is coated in auto detergent and allowed to dwell while all emblems and hard-to-reach areas are agitated with a small boar's hair brush
    • Two bucket car wash method is used, aided by the installation of grit guards
    • Super soft wash mitt rinsed after each panel to eliminate scratching and swirls
    • Vehicle is power washed from top to bottom and misted with spray wax lubricant
    • While wet, vehicle receives clay bar processing on all paint work, metal, and glass to remove foreign matter remaining after wash
    • Vehicle is dried using compressed air and a waffle towel
    • Remaining tar, sap, and matter is broken down using citrus or solvent based cleaners
    • Single stage polishing procedures to add gloss intensity
    • Wax is applied to paint work and lighting lenses for protection
    • Windows are cleaned and rain repellent is applied to all exterior glass
    • Tires and appropriate moldings are dressed with a microfiber applicator
    • Exhaust tips are cleaned and polished, followed by a metal sealant for protection 



Premium interior service cleanses the cabin of dust, debris, stains, etc, leaving it like-new!

    • Carpet is shampooed and/or steam cleaned
    • Leather is cleaned using ph-balanced leather soap and conditioned with leather milk
    • Cloth seats are shampooed and/or steam cleaned to eliminate stains
    • Vinyl and plastics are cleaned by hand, protective coat is applied
    • All components and accessories are cleaned with small boar's hair brush
    • Headliner is cleaned by hand or steam cleaned
    • All steps from Silver Package are included!

Standard interior service freshens and cleans the cabin.

    • Compressed air is used to dislodge dirt and debris from tight areas
    • Cabin is vacuumed thoroughly
    • Interior is wiped down to remove dust and fingerprints
    • Interior glass and mirrors are cleaned by hand
    • Optional fresh scent is applied

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