Porsche 991.2 GT2 RS Competition Cat Bypass Race Pipes (2018+)

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11.00 LBS
HP (whp):
TQ (ft/lbs):
WT (lbs) KG.s:
-19 -8.63
HP (whp):
TQ (ft/lbs):
WT (lbs) KG.s:
-19 -8.63
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Autobahn warriors, Raod course Circuit warriors , Drag Race enthusiasts - GT2RS ready for take off!

Replace the restrictive OEM ceramic GT2RS  700 cell catalytic converters and OEM Titanium muffler with straight pipes for Racing Competition off road use only. Save a huge significant amount of weight off your GT2RS and increase sports car sound to Lemans and Daytona 24 hour sound tracks from the Porsche 935 K3 days!

Fabspeed catbypass pipes straight pipes bolt-up to the GT2 turbos and eliminate the stock GT2RS titanium center muffler for maximum aggressive sports car sound and turbo spooling due to NO catalytic converters. You will get a Check Engine Light.

The above Fabspeed Motorsport GT2 RS Competition Cat Bypass Race Pipes is the World’s very best straight pipe system with bolt-on gains of 24 WHP and 29 FT/LBS of torque. This is the result of design, engineering and the very best imported components. Based on over 30+ years of motorsport design and quality. 

For RACING and COMPETITION usage exclusively. Absolutely NOT CARB certified and not to installed or used on any street cars.  Its the owners/ shops responsibilities to check with your local authorities before installing our system.                                          


  • Fits all Porsche 991.2 GT2RS vehicles worldwide no exceptions 2018+
  • Power gains of 24 WHP and 29 FT/LBS of torque. 
  • Competition Cat Bypass Race Pipes combined with our ECU Tune makes over 750HP to the wheels. 863HP to the crank/ engine
  • Quicker turbo spool and throttle response
  • Constructed from high-quality 14-16 gauge, C.N.C. mandrel bent T304 Stainless Steel
  • Simple bolt-on replacement system, designed for maximum flow using advanced flow CAD simulations
  • Includes angle cut outlets and 90 degree turn down outlets/tips
  • Fabspeed's ECU Tune is highly recommended to maximize power and keep off CEL Lights
  • Ultimate possible exhaust flow from each turbocharger – no exhaust valves saves a lot of weight
  • Not CARB certified 100% intended for off-road and track use circuit pista use ONLY!
  • Simple do it yourself installation. Easy on Easy off so simple you dont need instructions. 1 - 2 hours maximum.
  • Quickly reversible after track events or concours events or trade in time. Get it and have fun and go back to stock in 90 minutes.
  • Just 2 clamps on each side of the GT2 RS need to be removed to upgrade to high-flow catalytic converters.
  • All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty
  • Fabspeed Motorsport over 25+ years of design, engineering, Dyno developed Excellence.
  • Innovation not Imitation- get the Worlds Very Best Exotic car systems. 

DISCLAIMER: This product removes the OEM catalytic converters from the vehicle, and as such, is strictly intended for closed track events and off-road use only. This product contains a High-Flow Sport Catalytic Converter solely intended for track and race cars as it is NOT California Air Resources Board Certified and not EPA certified. You are hereby informed and warned to check your local, state, and federals laws before buying and installing these or any aftermarket parts to be sure whether usage is in violation. All installation-risk and use-risk is borne by the end-user and installer of these parts.