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1. What makes Fabspeed Motorsport's performance parts any better than the factory Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bentley, etc. factory parts? Why would I change something that the factory has developed and/or perfected?

Automotive manufacturers design their vehicles and subsequent systems to appeal to the broadest range of consumers possible.  The fact is, the majority of consumers are not as concerned with maximum performance and sound as they are with the overall package being subtle, refined, and daily-drivable.  OEM manufacturers cater to this majority, and they don't necessarily take advantage of every ounce of available power from their already well-designed engines and performance systems.  Aftermarket companies such as Fabspeed are able to tap into this additional power by developing new components that are lighter, stronger, and higher-flowing, effectively optimizing the vehicle for discerning enthusiasts who crave the increased power and improved sportier sound.

Most vehicles are over-engineered with redundant catalytic converters and restrictive exhaust systems in order to keep the car quiet and to universally comply with emissions regulations that may not apply in all countries or regions.  By upgrading or removing these catalytic converters and installing free-flowing exhaust components, the vehicle is able to "breathe" easier and it picks up power and sound while still falling within the restrictions of most emmissions regulations.

Additionally, many OEM manufacturers intentionally restrict their vehicles' performance so that they can make their own improvements with each new model release.  This entices owners to upgrade to the newest model, even though it may not be necessary.  By installing aftermarket performance parts from Fabspeed, owners can often increase their current vehicle's performance beyond that of the latest OEM model release, and for a significantly lower cost.

2. What makes Fabspeed Motorsport's products better than competing aftermarket performance brands?

There are three main advantages to investing in Fabspeed Motorsport's performance products: Quality, Performance, and Fit

Fabspeed uses the highest quality materials, such as T304L stainless steel, in the construction and manufacturing of its performance components.  This ensures long-lasting durability and reliable, consistent performance.  Additionally, all Fabspeed Motorsport parts are backed by a Lifetime Warranty and supported by unrivaled customer service.

Fabspeed develops and tests all of its products in-house via extensive engineering and industry-leading dynomometer testing.  Each product is optimized for maximum performance gains, measured in real-world wheel horsepower and torque figures.

Fabspeed Motorsport's performance products are designed to be direct bolt-on replacement for the factory OEM components.  This results in simple, straight-forward installation and allows for a la carte upgrading of your vehicle.  You can choose to install an entire performance package all at once, or upgrade your vehicle one component at a time.

3. What does "OEM" mean? 

OEM is an acronym for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”. This term signifies the parts are originally designed for the car and originally installed on the car by the automotive manufacturer that assembled the vehicle.  The term is usually interchangeable with "factory"or "stock".

4. What are mufflers and what do they do?

Mufflers are the "boxes" in the rear of most vehicles that act to absorb and quite the sound made by the exhaust gases as they move through the exhaust system and out of the vehicle.  Typically, they are filled with a sound absorbing material such as steel wool, and they re-route the exhaust flow to help dissipate sound before it leaves the vehicle.  Most factory/OEM mufflers are very restrictive, and are designed to keep the exhaust sound at a very conservative level.  Upgraded performance mufflers from Fabspeed Motorsport are often a great way to add some sportier exhaust sound and power to your vehicle.  NOTE: Mufflers are sometimes referred to as "silencers" or "back-boxes" in the UK.

5. Why should I invest in aftermarket Fabspeed Motorsport mufflers? 

Upgrading your muffler(s) to high performance Fabspeed Motorsports muffler(s) is a great way to improve the tone and volume of your vehicle's exhaust, while increasing horsepower and throttle response.  Fabspeed;s mufflers are typically higher-flowing than their factory/OEM counterparts, and provide for better exhaust tone and a sportier sound.  This adds significant enjoyment to the driving experience, and gives your vehicle much more presence and character.

6. What is T304L stainless steel and why does Fabspeed use it? Why don’t OEM exhaust systems utilize it?

T304L is an acronym for Type 304 Low-Carbon stainless steel. This is a premium aircraft-grade non-magnetic stainless steel that is exceptionally resistant to rust and corrosion, and is very durable.  T304L stainless steel exhaust systems will not rust and will typically last longer than the vehicle that they're installed on.

The OEM manufacturers don't typically use T304L as it is more expensive and difficult to work with during the manufacturing process. OEM manufacturers focus on mass-producing components at the lowest cost possible, in order maximize profits and cut down on required manufacturing time.  The lower-grade materials often found in OEM exhaust systems are prone to rust and corrosion, and will often need to be replaced as the vehice ages.  Typically, this happens long after the warranty has expired, at great expense to the owner.

7. What is a cat bypass pipe?

A cat bypass pipe (aka downpipe) is a section of straight-through tubing that installs in place of a catalytic converter.  This modification results in much better overall exhaust flow, providing increased power and sound.  Bypassing the primary cat is typically only done on off-road and track vehicles, as it will typically trigger a check engine light (CEL) and may not comply with local emissions regulations.  However, on cars that have two or more sequenced cats, a secondary cat bypass pipe can be installed with minimal consequence.  The secondary cat(s) on most cars is completely redundant, and removing it does not trigger a CEL, but still provides significant power and sound gains.

8. What are headers?

Headers are the first part of the exhaust system that bolt directly onto the engine's cylinder heads. (Headers are also called exhaust manifolds.) Stock headers usually are not very efficient, as the configuration does not allow for the maximum flow of the exhaust gases. OEM headers are designed to be manufactured at the lowest possible cost, and the primary criteria is not maximum power.  Fabspeed Motorsport headers are excellent upgrades, as the optimized contours of the pipes' bends allow the exhaust gases to flow with the least amount of restriction possible, resulting in maximum power gains. 

9. What is a cold air intake system?

Most vehicle are designed with an air intake that is mounted inside the engine bay, where it is exposed to the heat that is generated by the engine.  Horsepower and torque is directly affected by the temperature of the air that is being pulled into the engine, and the colder that air is, the more power the engine will make.  For this reason, Fabspeed Motorsport offers cold air intake kits which increase flow and isolate the air intake from excess engine heat, lowering the air temperature and increasing power.  Fabspeed cold air intake kits come with heat shields and upgraded intake components that increase cold air flow while saving weight and adding a sportier aesthetic to the vehicle's engine bay.

10. What are sportcats and what are their benefits over OEM catalytic converters?

Sportcats are high performance catalytic converters that offer significant performance gains over the OEM catalytic converters, while typically maintaining compliance with emmisions regulations and minimizing the triggering of a CEL.  Fabspeed offers high performance sportcats that utilize German-imported HJS 200-cell catalytic converters.  These HJS cats have a less restrictive core when compared to most OEM cats (typically 500-700 cells per square inch).  This results in much better flow which increases performance.  In addition to the performance gains, Fabspeed's sportcats are constructed from higher-quality premium materials which are much more durable and can withstand high horsepower applications and high performance driving conditions.

11. Why does Fabspeed use German-imported HJS catalytic converters?

HJS is one of most well-respected names in catalytic converters. HJS cats are made in Germany and are designed to be durable enough to handle the rigors and abuse of running at top speed on the Autobahn. Fabspeed utilizes HJS cats due to their proven durability and unmatched performance. Competitors will often utilize cheap domestically-made catalytic converters to save money, but premature failure is very common once these cheaper cats are subjected to the abuse of high-horsepower cars and spirited driving.

NOTE: Fabspeed’s 200 cell HJS catalytic converters are not C.A.R.B. certified and are designated for off-road use only in the state of California.

12. What are muffler bypass pipes?

A muffler bypass pipe is a straight-through section of tubing that is installed in place of the muffler.  This allows the exhaust to flow and exit the vehicle unrestricted, resulting a very loud and aggressive exhaust sound and significant power gains. Muffler bypass pipes are typically recommended for track and off-road use because of how loud the exhaust becomes, but they are street-legal and some people may choose to use them for street applications where maximum power and sound are the priority.

13. How is Fabspeed able to offer several loudness levels of exhaust systems for the same car?

Fabspeed specifically develops a variety of performance exhaust solutions for each vehicle so that the owner has the ability to tailor the sound to their personal preferences and driving style.  Exhaust volume level can be distinctly controlled by varying the design of the muffler(s), the diameter of the tubing, the number of ports in the system, the length and bend radius of the tubing, etc.  Each system and component that Fabspeed Motorsport offers will have its own unique affect on the way the vehicle's exhaust will sound.  Some companies will advertise various volume levels, but don't always make that distinction clear.  In some case, there may not actually be a difference.  Fabspeed makes a point of providing detals descriptions and demo videos of all products so that that owner can feel confident that they are making the right investment.

14. What is Fabspeed Motorsport's return policy?

Customer is entitled to return non-customized, non-special order, products within 30 days from the date of delivery.  This is separate from returns for manufacturer defect, as covered within Warranties Section of Fabspeed Motorsport website. To qualify for return, the product must be unused and remain in undamaged and sealed original packaging, as well as match the current design and packaging for the product at the time of return, unless otherwise stated with product or within the warranty page of Fabspeed Motorsport Site. Sounds is subjective and therefore does not qualify for a return of a used product. 

Periodically something may be incorrect on a shipment due to a customer ordering incorrectly or a wrong part was shipped and you may wish to return an item. We will do everything reasonable to satisfy you. Please immediately contact Fabspeed via email or phone to discuss the circumstances before returning any products. Anything returned without prior authorization from Fabspeed Motorsport will be refused. Any and all returns must be sent back fully prepaid. Our customer service department ([email protected]) will issue a Return Authorization Number, which must accompany any return. A copy of the original invoice and a brief explanation must accompany all returned items. No returns accepted after 30 days from the invoice date. No credits given after 30 days.

15. What is Fabspeed Motorsport's warranty policy?

Please see Terms and Conditions for full Warranty details.

16. What is Fabspeed Motorsport's shipping policy?

In-stock orders placed before 21:00pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) will, under normal circumstances, ship the same day. Orders placed after 12:00pm EST will usually ship the following business day. Any custom parts or items that receive special modification(s) due to the nature of the application or the revision or improvement to an existing design will usually ship in two to three business days. Fapspeed is constantly striving to keep up with the demand for our high quality parts by trying to predict market trends and maintain in-stock quantities, however should a part become currently out of stock, it will be added to the fabrication list and shipped as soon as it becomes available.

17. What is an "original purchaser"?

This term refers to the customer who originally purchased or placed an order for performance part(s) from Fabspeed Motorsport.

18. Why choose Fabspeed over tuners from Germany, Italy, the UK, etc.?

It is a misconception that just because a vehicle was manufactured in a particular country that it should be modified by someone from that country.  Fabspeed Motorsport has over 20 years of experience engineering, developing, testing, and manufacturing the highest quality performance parts for exotic sports cars such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Bentley, Aston Martin, Maserati, Audi, BMW, and more.  Some tuning companies from Germany, Italy, the UK, and other regions don't necessarily spend the time performing the same levels of research and development, and often rely solely on their geographic location to help them sell parts and establish credibility.  When shopping for performance solutions for an exotic vehicle, it is important to research the actual power gains and quality of a particular product.  This is where Fabspeed's experience sets it apart from the competition.

19. How does Fabspeed test their performance parts?

Fabspeed performs street testing, track testing, and dynomometer testing in-house during the development of each product. Street testing involves installing each part on a vehicle and test driving the vehicle in a variety of common street driving situations to ensure that the products perform as desired when driven on the road.  In addition to street testing, many of Fabspeed's products are tested on racecars under demanding high-performance track conditions for consistent performance and durability. Fabspeed has supplied parts for amateur Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and BMW club-racing and driver's education events, as well as for many professional race teams including Rolex Grand-Am and Intercontinental Trophy Cup Series.  Lastly, Fabspeed has an in-house dynomometer - also known as a dyno or a "rolling road" - which is a machine that measures the amount of force that a vehicle's wheels can exert on the ground, and converts it into horsepower and torque readings.  Fabspeed relies on these real world numbers when testing performance parts to ensure the accuracy of all power gains.

20. Is there a list of dealers and/or recommended installers of Fabspeed products in my area?

Fabspeed Motorsport is a well-recognized name in the motorsports industry.  Most reputable shops will gladly install Fabspeed performance parts on your vehicle.  If you would like a referral to a dealer or installation specialist in your area, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

21. How accurate is internet and forum advice regarding aftermarket performance modifications?

It's important to take what you read online with a grain of salt and to use a little of your own judgment when selecting performance parts. Many people will post opinions on the internet which may be biased and may not be completely factual.  Some people will argue that modifying a car is a waste of time, while others will maintain that the factory "never quite gets it right".  If you're ever unsure about a particular part, or have a performance related question, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We're here to help!

22. Is it better to upgrade my car one component at a time, or should I purchase a complete performance package and upgrade it all at once?

While there is nothing wrong with upgrading incrementally, it is usually a wise choice to invest in a full performance package and upgrade everything at once for a number of reasons.  First, when upgrading multiple parts at once, you will experience a much greater performance gain that will be a lot more noticeable than when upgrading one component at a time.  Second, many performance parts are designed to perform at their maximum potential when paired with other performance parts.  For example, many exhaust systems work best when paired with upgraded performance headers, so that the entire system flows efficiently.  Lastly, Fabspeed offers discount package pricing which saves you money on your total investment versus buying each part individually.

23. What are the advantages of high performance air filters such as the BMC F1?

The air filter in your vehicle is responsible for cleaning the dirt, dust, and particulates out of the air that enters your engine, but it also plays a part in how fast that air can flow into the engine.  A high performance air filter ensures that your intake (OEM or aftermarket) is operating at peak efficiency.  Factory air filters are notorious for being inefficient due to their low-cost design and materials.  Often, they are made of paper and need to be replaced frequently to maintain consistent performance.  With a filter such as the BMC F1, you not only get improved air flow and performance, but you can simply take it out and clean it when it gets dirty.  With proper maintenance, it will last the life of the car!

24. What are the benefits of an ECU/TCU tune or DME chip?

Almost every late-model vehicle comes equipped with a computer (or computers) which monitor and control the various function of the vehicle.  By upgrading the software that these computers use, you can increase the performance of the engine, as well as many other vehicle functions.  When a vehicle leaves the factory, its computers are usually tuned to be very forgiving and leave lots of room to be adjusted for higher performance.  Often, they are de-tuned in order to protect the car from low-octane gasoline, so they can't optimize it for the high-octane fuel that most discerning owners will use.  An upgraded computer can be programmed with the optimal air/fuel ratios, engine timing, etc. to take full advantage of higher ocatane fuel and any other modifications that may have been made to the vehicle.

25. Can I install Fabspeed Motorsport's performance parts on my own, or do I need to have them installed by a professional?

Fabspeed recommends that all aftermarket parts be installed by a qualified professional installation shop in order to ensure a safe and proper fit.  Every vehicle is a bit unique, and while Fabspeed engineers and designs products to fit like a tailored suit, there are occasionally small alterations that need to be made in order to acheive the perfect fit.  It is best to have a qualified shop make these tweaks, so that you don't risk damaging your new part(s) or your vehicle.

That being said, most of Fabspeed's parts are designed to be direct bolt-on replacements for the factory parts, and can typically be installed with common hand tools.  In some instances, installation requires that the vehicle be placed on a lift, so that exhaust parts can be removed and installed from the underside of the vehicle.  We recommend that all of these installations be performed on a floor lift that supports the entire vehicle, but in most cases, they can also be completed using a jack and jackstands (assuming that the proper precautions are taken.)  Fabspeed offers detailed installation instructions for the majority of the parts offered to help simplify the process as well.

26. Will Fabspeed parts work with my OEM exhaust and/or other aftermarket exhaust systems? 

Absolutely! Fabspeed's parts are designed to be directly interchangeable with the factory parts.  This makes it easy to upgrade your car bit-by-bit, as well as ensuring a straight forward installation process.  As for aftermarket exhausts: if they are designed to fit exactly like the factory/OEM exhaust, then Fabspeed's parts should mate up to them without issue.

27. What is the Magnuson-Moss Act and how do aftermarket parts affect my warranty?

In 1975, the United States government passed a law called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act which states that any modifications that do not, or cannot, cause damage to the car will not void the factory warranty. The Magnuson Moss act was created to protect USA consumers and give them a right and power so that manufacturers cannot deny warranty coverage. The only way warranty coverage can be denied is when a part or procedure specifically caused a failure or warranty claim. For example, if you installed a high performance exhaust system on your Ferrari or a set of custom wheels and your radio stopped working, then Ferrari can not void warranty coverage of the radio because of the modifications you made. Conversely, if you installed a supercharger or a nitrous oxide system on your Ferrari and you destroy a critical engine component, then logically Ferrari could and would void the engine warranty, but the other parts of the vehicle would still be fully covered by the original warranty.

Fabspeed Motorsports exhaust systems are designed as high performance replacement systems for the OEM exhaust system. which pose no threat to any other systems or functions on the vehicle.

If your vehicle manufacturer fails to honor emissions/warranty claims, contact the EPA at (202) 260-2080 or visit If federal warranty protection is denied, contact the FTC at (202) 326-3128 or visit

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act Information Link:

28. Why do some dealers push certain brands of aftermarket performance parts versus others?

Some dealers will encourage people to purchase certain brands of aftermarket products due to special agreements that they have set up with manufacturers and vendors.  A lot of shops and dealers will attempt to push whatever products they make the highest margins on, regardless of whether or not they are the best fit for the vehicle in question.  It is always a good idea to do your own research on the various brands and options before investing in any upgrades.  That way you can make an educated decision and invest in the part that will perform and fit the best.  Don't let a shop or dealer try to talk to you into something until you've looked at all the options.

Fabspeed has spent over 20 years engineering and fabricating the highest quality performance parts on the market.  If you do the independent research, the choice is simple!

29. What does the term "bone stock" mean?

"Bone stock" is a phrase that describes any vehicle which has absolutely no modifications made to it.  There are a variety of theories as to where the term originated, but the majority of people believe it translates to being "stock down to the bones" or "bare-bones stock".

30. Why are some dealers so resistant to modifying vehicles?

A lot of dealers are focused on their bottom line, and they make their money off of selling new cars and performing service and repairs.  Some dealers believe that if you begin modifying your car, that they will lose business since you won't be as likely to replace your car when a new model comes out.  In a lot of instances, aftermarket parts (like those from Fabspeed Motorsport) will actually outlast and outperform the factory parts, so the vehicle won't need as many trips to the dealer for service-related issues.

Additionally, many individuals who work at dealerships do not have the passion or enthusiasm for performance.  They simply come to work, sell the vehicles, and go home.  There is no motivation for them to modify or upgrade the vehicles, and that attitude translates to a general indifference towards aftermarket modifications.

31. Are Fabspeed Motorsport performance parts reliable?

Fabspeed's parts are engineered to meet and exceed OEM quality specifications, and typically outlast even the factory components on the vehicle.  Fabspeed uses the highest quality materials, such as T304L stainless steel, in the construction and manufacturing of its performance components.  This ensures long-lasting durability and reliable, consistent performance.  Additionally, all Fabspeed Motorsport parts are backed by a Lifetime Warranty and supported by unrivaled customer service.

32. Are Fabspeed products street legal and emissions-compliant?

Fabspeed Motorsport designs performance products for street applications which are entirely street legal and emissions-compliant, as well as race applications with are recommended for off-road track use only.  While most Fabspeed products will pass emissions and are entirely road-legal in all 50 states, certain sportcats and catbypass pipes may not be approved in your particular region or state.  Please check your local laws pertaining to emissions and catalytic converters.

NOTE: Fabspeed’s 200 cell HJS catalytic converters are not C.A.R.B. certified and are designated for off-road use only in the state of California.

33. What is "resonance" or "drone"?

These terms are often interchangeable, and refer to the humming sound experienced inside the cabin of a vehicle at specific RPM ranges with some aftermarket exhaust systems.  Drone, or resonance, is typically a side effect of installing high performance exhausts, since they are usually louder and more aggressive than the OEM exhaust system.  Fabspeed goes to great lengths to minimize drone with all systems by carefully engineering tubing thickness, diameter, and geometry.  In fact, most of Fabspeed's exhaust components are entirely drone-free!

34. What construction features are important when selecting a quality aftermarket exhaust system?

Some of the key features to look at when researching aftermarket exhaust systems are material, tubing wall thickness, and weld type.  Fabspeed manufactures all components from T304L stainless steel with a14-16ga wall thickness, expertly welded with TIG welds.  This provides outstanding durability and corrosion resistance.  The thicker tubing wall that Fabspeed uses helps to minimize drone and vibration, while strenghtening the system.

35. What is the difference between MIG welding and TIG welding?

The major difference between MIG (Metal Inert Gas) and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding is that MIG welding uses a continuously feeding wire and TIG welding uses long welding rods that are slowly fed into the weld puddle by hand. MIG welding and TIG welding are used throughout all of our systems. Fabspeed is also now using Laser welding that employs a laser to melt and join metals using a filler rod similar to MIG welding. Laser welding produces a weld that resembles a TIG like weld. 

36. What type of packing and sound deadening materials do Fabspeed mufflers use?

Fabspeed uses both ceramic refractory matting and stainless steel wool inside of the mufflers to lower the volume level of the exhaust. Fabspeed materials greatly exceed the industry standard as these are the best packing products available and last the longest with the most durability.

37. Are Fabspeed systems safe for track use?

Fabspeed systems are designed with the true automotive enthusiast in mind by allowing interchangeability of parts for different applications. Many Fabspeed customers drive their cars on the street and race track at drivers' education and club/professional racing events. Fabspeed systems provide the ability to have a street car that is capable and prepared for active track use.  Fabspeed systems are designed to withstand the rigorous abuse of the race track, so don’t hesitate to use them!  Fabspeed recommends using removing any catalytic converters from the exhaust system before using a vehicle for motorsport purposes, and replacing them with a "catbypass" component.  The rigors of extended track-driving are beyond the limits that cats are designed to withstand.

38. I do not live in the United States but want a Fabspeed system. Will the system work on my car? Would it be legal in my country?

There are some Countries/Governing bodies (e.g.European Union (EU)) that legislation lays down strict requirements for certain components used in motor vehiclesin order to ensure harmonization among those Countries/Governing bodies regarding technical, safety, and environmental standards. This type-approval or certification is valid in those Countries/Governing bodies that require it.

At Fabspeed we are able to verify the fitment of our products on global platformsso we know our productsthat our designed here at Fabspeed, will fit and work on your car. Due to all the different laws and regulations worldwide, it is the Fabspeed customer’s responsibility to determine if your local laws and/or regulations would allow the use of Fabspeed components and/or systems.

39. Does stainless steel rust?

At Fabspeed we use stainless steel T304L in all of our pipes because of its ability to resist corrosion in a variety of environments. Unfortunately, stainless steel is not fully stain or rust-proof, it is just more resistant to corrosion. That is why it is called stainless steel.

40. What is the best way to clean a Fabspeed Stainless Steel exhaust system? Why is my Fabspeed exhaust turning golden?

When stainless steel is heated in an exhaust or heat application, the surface color will change to a golden patina. There are many Stainless Steel cleaning products in the marketplace. All do an admirable job. Have plenty of soft brushes, soft cloths. With a little patience, the brilliant Fabspeed finish will emerge.