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The First Performance Upgrades To Do On Your Porsche


Porsche designs as well as engineers, amazing street and racing focused cars. Porsche also sells factory race cars to the general public. This information is applicable to any Porsche enthusiastic car owner worldwide. Typically new and older Porsche cars are wonderful cars but mass produced and sound mild and too refined like a Dyson vacuum cleaner or an appliance. Often Porsche enthusiasts like to personalize their cars and here are the TOP performance, appearance and sound modifications.

Cat-Back Exhaust

The 1st LOGICAL performance modification upgrade would be a CAT-BACK EMISSIONS LEGAL simple bolt-on high performance exhaust system and a set of exhaust tips. These aftermarket systems replace the exhaust after the catalytic converters and hence “cat-back” is universally recognized and known as emissions legal in all 50 USA states and legal in all overseas countries. Typically a quality system like a Fabspeed CAT-BACK exhaust benefits the cars with a signature sports car sound that is high pitched and makes the driver finally hear and appreciate the Porsche or any other car.

Porsche, like other OEM manufacturers, deliberately designs all cars to be extremely quiet and mild mannered to appeal to the general public. It's the typical very safe global selling default theory of “keep it super quiet and tame” so no buyers can complain. Often marketing and videos have sound simulation and overlays to make the cars sound more aggressive. In reality, Porsche cars are very quiet and sublime and border on the objective of getting a driver in style from point A to point B. Ferrari talks about their cars as being emotional and involving versus other cars. Often a Fabspeed Porsche custom engineered and dyno tested exhaust systems really wakes up the emotion and driver involved in all air-cooled and water cooled Porsche cars.

Other benefits to a well engineered high performance Fabspeed exhaust are better gasoline mileage due to less back pressure and reduced weight on the cars chassis. Weight is the enemy of acceleration, braking, gas mileage and handling. Other benefits can be a proud owner enthusiast whose car does not simply sound the same as everyone else's “plain jane” car that often sounds like an electric vacuum cleaner or appliance.

Exhaust System Components and High Flow German Homologated Certified Catalytic Converters

Other benefits of replacing the stock exhaust system can be for trying to achieve maximum horsepower and torque for roadracing and all out competition. In these situations Fabspeed designs, engineers and supplies racing components and systems to amateur and professional racing teams globally. Lastly, when your Porsche catalytic converters have failed, are missing or have been illegally eliminated on a 2nd hand to 5th owner car that you bought and the new proud owner can NOT get the car road registered and licensed. Often the new car owner is in a major costly dilemma with NO recourse as the car is used and or abused. Fabspeed high flow new HJS Germany certified catalytic converters can make your car achieve maximum gasoline mileage, allow road registration , MOT since the car has better catalytic converters that originally equipped and the happy owner has “clean & green” performance and can pass inspection, be environmentally responsible, also have superb sports car sound.

Emissions Equipment and Performance Modifications Living in Perfect Harmony

High Performance replacement - Air Intake System and Filters

Another upgrade is a High Performance air-intake system and or performance low restriction air-filter system. An engine is simply an “air-pump” that takes in air and fuel and burns it. Logically if one improves the engine's breathing via a less restrictive air intake system the Porsche driver will experience more power and sports car sound all in one truly properly engineered air intake system. Fabspeed air intake systems are simple bolt-on replacement systems that are Dyno and Race track tested to TRULY increase power significantly. Caveat emptor- beware of air intake systems simply sold by others to make intake noise and often lose power. All Fabspeed Porsche air-cooled and water-cooled high performance intake systems are guaranteed to increase power and sports car sound as our systems are 100% Dyno developed and engineered properly.

ECU Tune

To get the most out of those mods, an ECU tuning Chips flash tuning for more power. Typically cars are engineered to run on the cheapest lowest octane Pump Gasoline that is available in any global market. WHY one might ask? Because, often the car can be leased and or the owner wants to save a few dollars and uses the cheapest 87 octane regular gasoline so he looks good driving his car. If 93 to 94 to 98 octane is available as Super Premium gasoline often a Porsche lease or buyer might simply use the cheapest lowest octane gasoline available as they simply want to be SEEN cruising slowly in their Porsche or Exotic and could care not a bit about maximizing power. The OEM manufacturers like Porsche know this and often tune the car for regular lousy pump fuel.

The OEM manufacturers therefore setup the Porsche tune to be compatible with low octane regular fuel for long term durability and reduced warranty exposure. It's simple logical business to tune all cars for “cheap low octane regular gasoline”.

The good NEWS for Porsche enthusiasts is that the engines ECU, engine control unit / engine computer, can be simply Re-tuned, Reflashed for super premium high octane gasoline and E85 and or any type of fuel. Depending on your location often Super Premium unleaded fuels are widely available and any Porsche high performance engine prefers super premium. So instead of the engine running lousy 87 octane fuel one can retune the ECU for super premium fuels like 93 , 94 octane, 98 octane and in racing or certain street gasoline facilities and tracks over 100+ unleaded octane gasoline. Fabspeed strongly advises against Leaded racing fuels as leaded fouls Oxygen sensors, destroys catalytic converters and often offers no power advantages than super premium Unleaded gasoline. So Keep it Green & Clean. Tuning Porsche street and Turbocharged cars for Super Premium gasoline is a real eye opener. There are incredible power gains both horsepower and torque that make the cars alot more fun and visceral to drive and enjoy. This is all achievable with an ECU tune and premium gasoline. A safe effective tune can be reversed for trade in time. A safe effective tune from a reliable experienced 30+ year business like Fabspeed is a car enthusiasts best bet.


Wheels and Tires

Custom wheels and tires. Often a car enthusiast will want to personalize their vehicle with a performance exhaust and air-intake system after that the 4th modification upgrade are Custom Unique wheels and tires for their car. The benefits are one of a kind look and visual appeal that stirs the owners passion. In addition, better wider wheels and tires mean that the car will have better grip/ handling, along with better braking and stopping power. Custom wheels and tires look great and save your original wheels/tires from abuse and create value at trade-in time or to its next owner.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film- the cars paint and window glass can be protected from stone, sand and other debris that will chip or scratch unprotected paint. New clear protective material covers the paint so it's protected and looks good. The glass windshield can often also be protected from stone chips and sand blasting damages.

Exhaust Headers

Porsche cars truly achieve more power and torque with a dyno developed set of mandrel bent exhaust headers. Fabspeed headers are typically emissions legal unless its a factory Porsche race car and or a streetcar turned into a all out competition car. Headers extract more spent exhaust gasses from the combustion chamber and allow fresh air/gasoline charge to enter the combustion chamber more efficiently. Typically headers are a direct replacement bolt-on for poorly designed mass produced OEM headers that were originally designed as cheaply as possible to get cars manufactured as cheaply and efficiently as possible.

Fabspeed even developed RENNKRAFT headers a USA Patented system that allows dual function street headers with HJS German catalytic converters and for real true long term road racing competition a straight pipe to replace the catalytic converter. The straight pipe is intended to save the HJS catalytic converter from the abuse and potential failure of sustained road racing. For amateurs and street drivers the HJS Fabspeed catalytic converters MUST 100% be installed for street driven cars. Clean and Green power as their are no power gains by removing catalytic converters. That's old school fallacy.