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Shmee150 Visits Fabspeed | Fabspeed Motorsport

Posted by Joe Fabiani on 30th Jul 2019

Shmee150 Visits Fabspeed | Fabspeed Motorsport

Monday July 22, 2019 was a big day at Fabspeed Motorsport!

With months of pre-planning behind us, social media's supercar celebrity, Shmee, aka Tim Burton, made Fabspeed an official stop on his 2019 USA Tour. Tim spent the entire day with us, toured our factory, made more of his famous videos and sat down for an interesting one-on-one interview.

He arrived in his 2019 Ford GT with Jason, aka Speedracer38, as his copilot and quickly parked up for a photoshoot of the GT in front of Fabspeed’s world headquarters.

Fabspeed Motorsport in Fort Washington, PA

David Van Allen, Fabspeed’s COO, gave Tim and Jason a tour of the entire Fabspeed facility. As the tour progressed through the Fabrication area, Tim remarked on the cleanliness and organization of the environment.

Fabspeed’s USA manufacturing facility

“When people think of manufacturing plants they think dirty - but things don’t have to be that way,” David replied. “We keep ours this way for two main reasons. Number one, it’s safer. Number two, our employees appreciate the clean, air conditioned, pristine environment which helps them perform their best.”

The tour continued to Research and Development for a chat with Scot and Ben, two of the great people that lead our R&D effort.

Scot, Dave, Tim and Jason talking R&D

“How long does the R&D process take?” Tim asked. “Usually two to three weeks,” Scot answered. “Developing the product is only half the battle - there are so many steps we need to take afterward to ensure we can produce that product again and again, perfectly each time. Many times the development car will be long gone by the time we’ve completed readying a product for mass release.” Precision testing and producing solid jigs and fixtures is the key to R&D’s success.

Once the tour was complete, the team wasted no time getting the Ford GT up on the dynamometer. After removing the rear diffuser and underbody panels, carefully securing the vehicle in place and readying the fans to mimic airflow, everyone was dying to see what kind of power this beast would put down at the wheels.

Fabspeed’s in-house all-wheel dynamometer.

Tim’s Ford GT is a ‘eurospec’, which makes it only 1 of 80 in existence, but it also means it has a larger muffler and thus a much quieter, and hence more restrictive exhaust. Even so, when it red-lines in the 4th gear pull, it sounded much better than everyone expected.

The Fabspeed dyno is adjusted for the day’s environmental conditions so the results are accurate and repeatable. The GT had three runs (or pulls) this day and it performed better than Tim expected. While the torque produced was spot on with the numbers from Ford, horsepower at the wheels -590- was higher than expected.

Everyone was thrilled to see such a good performance from the GT. You can check out our full video on this Dyno run here.

Tim and Jason are thrilled with the GT dyno runs.

After everything wrapped up with the dyno, Tim was kind enough to sit down with David for an interview. Tim shared some insight into why he started his social media channels, talked about his 2019 USA tour, and shared some of his thoughts on the hottest supercars. Check out Fabspeed's full interview with Tim here!

To end an already exciting and jam packed day, we added a little classic American muscle to the mix. Another one of Tim’s buddies, social media star Mike, known on YouTube and Instagram as @StreetSpeed717 arrived in style.

Mike drove up to Fabspeed in his awesome ZR1 Corvette and we knew we had something special on our hands with two vastly different American supercars in our facility at the same time.

We lined both cars up for a quick photoshoot before Tim, Mike, and Jason roared off into the fading day.

American muscle at Fabspeed - classic vs exotic

That wrapped up one truly amazing day at Fabspeed Motorsport. We thank Tim, Jason, and Mike, three incredibly talented and world class automotive storytellers, for taking time out of their busy schedules to stop at Fabspeed.

For us, hearing their positive reactions about our facility and the way we proudly manufacture our products reaffirmed that we’re putting our efforts into the right spots, as we make the world’s best performance products for exotic supercars.

Make sure to check out the full Shmee150 visit of Fabspeed on Tim's Youtube Channel here.