PROJECT | Fabspeed Motorsport PROJECT|900S

PROJECT | Fabspeed Motorsport PROJECT|900S

18th May 2015

PROJECT|900S is officially underway at Fabspeed Motorsport! Our goal is to break the 900 horsepower mark and achieve a low 9-second quarter mile time by collaborating with Evolution Motorsports, ADV.1 Wheels, and more.

Last week, we took delivery of our 2014 Volcano Yellow McLaren MP4-12C Spider, and we will be starting work this week!

We will be keeping the community updated as this project progresses. Stage 1 begins this week!


  • Establish baseline power figures
  • Install Fabspeed's signature Supersport X-Pipe Exhaust System
  • Install Fabspeed's emissions & street-friendly ultra high-flow HJS Sport Cats (for testing/demonstration)
  • Install Fabspeed's Catbypass Pipes for maximum power gains


  • Install Fabspeed's exclusive warranty-friendly Engine Tuning Power Kit (for testing/demonstration)
  • Install & optimize Evolution Motorsports' EVOMSit ECU Tuning Upgrade
  • Additional Details Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more, including turbo upgrades, intercooler upgrades, custom wheels, upgraded aerodynamics & styling, and more!