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Ode to Joy (The Joy of Driving a Gallardo, That Is!)

Posted by Wild Bill on 21st Jul 2021

Ode to Joy (The Joy of Driving a Gallardo, That Is!)

A long-time customer of ours recently had the opportunity to drive our shop Gallardo Spyder, which has a full Fabspeed exhaust system, here are his thoughts on the driving experience.

-Ode to Joy (The Joy of driving a Gallardo, that is!)

Joe Fabiani, founder and CEO of Fabspeed, is a long-time buddy of mine. He's a maniacal motorhead driven to get more power, and better sound, out of almost anything with wheels and an internal combustion engine. Every so often Joe gives me a call and says: "Hey Bill, we need to use your car as a test mule to fine-tune some new exhaust mods." Always cool with me because my car always benefits from it - Fabspeed headers, high-flow cats, and side-muffler deletes - more performance and much better sound.

My ride, a 2010 Porsche GT3 RS, with just shy of 148,000 miles on the clock has been my daily driver for the last decade. But that's another story for another time.

Back to Joe. When he "borrows" my car he gives me something interesting out of his stable to drive. The last time it was a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Modifications: removal of the front differential, making it rear-wheel-drive only; and, of course, a custom Fabspeed exhaust. It has only been driven 14,000 miles.

This is the first Lambo I've had the privilege of driving, and it made quite an impression. First off, this is a very nice-looking car - not too zoomie, as some Lambos are for my taste. White with aftermarket wheels and wider tires. Hard to look away. Peer inside and your eyes are immediately drawn to the gated 6-speed stick. Slide your butt behind the wheel. Visibility is exceptional as are the ergonomics - everything is exactly where the driver would want it to be. Gauges are properly positioned, with tach front and center. Controls, from windows to AC to convertible top-lowering are simple and intuitive. WOW, feels as good as it looks.

Then you turn the key. The resulting sound creates a non-removable-grin, side-to-side head shaking, and need to snick it into gear and find some twisties. The Clutch is a bit heavy but easy to get used to. The foot box is snug, but the pedals are perfectly positioned. The Gated box functions beautifully and is a big part of the fun of driving this car. Then there are the 520 horses lurking right behind the driver's seat. Press the pedal on the right and it feels like your foot is connected to the rear wheels - linear and impressive naturally aspirated power that deserves driver respect. And this thing goes around corners. Taught. Planted. Neutral. Beautifully balanced. Confidence inspiring - it's almost like you're wearing skis - you become part of it. Oh, the sound, even at low speeds, it's intoxicating and at high RPM's orgasmic.

The Lamborghini Gallardo is not for everyone. It's for those who appreciate the excitement of being behind the wheel of something that is both beautiful and demanding. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Joe's Gallardo. If you are a driver and get a chance to drive one, DO NOT pass it up. 

-Wild Bill