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The Cayman GT4 is quite possibly the greatest drivers' car ever produced and the new benchmark against which enthusiast-focused models will be measured moving forward.

Yes, it's that good. If you've had the pleasure of sitting in the cockpit and turning the key on one, then you already know this. If you haven't, then you need to start doing a dance to the car gods and praying for an opportunity to do so. I will reiterate: it's that good. The balance, the poise, the power delivery, the way it makes you feel when you settle into the carbon-backed race seats and fire up the 3.8 liter powerhouse mere inches behind your head... they all culminate in an experience that is simply sublime.

You might be wondering then, "If the GT4 is so good, how could you possibly improve upon it?" Fortunately, Fabspeed has now provided two very solid answers to that question with the release of the new GT4 Race Headers and GT4 Sport Headers.

In order to unleash the full potential of Stuttgart's latest monster, you have to remove the muzzle that Porsche's engineers strapped on to prevent it from scaring the children and upsetting the housewives. I am of course referring to the overly restrictive factory exhaust system, specifically the OEM headers and their internal catalytic converters.

OEM manufacturers - including Porsche - are forced to design their exhaust systems to meet with the strictest of worldwide emissions regulations while also maintaining a certain level of restraint and subtlety that they hope will please the largest percentage of their customers.

Luckily, aftermarket manufacturers don't need to play these same rules, so we're able to take the leash off and allow the world to find out what these creations are really capable of.

Fabspeed's new GT4 Race Headers are the scissors that cut the proverbial leash. These longtube high-flow headers remove the restrictive catalytic converters and allow the GT4 to breathe without any obstructions. The resulting increase in exhaust sound and on-tap power is simply breathtaking. You don't have to take our word for it, you can listen to it for yourself.

Fabspeed's Race Headers aren't just talk either, they add a massive 27 horsepower at the wheels and 38 ft/lbs of torque at 3700 RPM. Keep the pedal pinned and you'll experience the power gains all the way up through 6300 RPM, where the Race Headers inject an additional 18 whp and 15ft/lbs of torque. That's enough to keep any 911 Carrera owner up at night wondering if they might be embarrassed by "a mere Cayman" at the next track day.

For the less-adventurous - but still enthusiastic - GT4 owner, the Fabspeed Sport Headers offer a perfect blend of daily-drivable sound and impressive power gains without the top-end howl of the Race Headers. Utilizing premium high-flowing 200-cell HJS catalysts, these headers maintain the exhaust scrubbing capabilities of their OEM counterparts without the restriction compromises. This increased flow results in not only a beautifully sculpted exhaust note, but an additional 26 whp and 39 ft/lbs of torque at 3600 RPM.

The GT4 may be Porsche's crown jewel at the moment, but with Fabspeed's new headers bolted on, it becomes truly untouchable in terms of driving experience. Listening to the 3.8L's unrestrained bark as it auto-rev matches and screams through those high-flow headers is truly life-changing. If you own, or plan to own a GT4, make sure these are on your short list of parts to install. You won't regret it.

Notice anything unique in the above photo? Stay tuned...