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The 570S - McLaren's answer to the Porsche Turbo S and the Lamborghini Huracan - is a truly gorgeous sight to behold. There is no question that it means business; from the aggressively styled rear diffuser to the devious smirk of the front end... this "baby" McLaren is punching way above it's proposed weight class. As solid of a performer as any modern supercar, it still suffers from the same drawbacks of any current production vehicle: overly restrictive heavy exhaust components and a conservative ECU tune.

Fortunately, for the 570S owner who wants a bit more grunt and excitement, Fabspeed now has the solution. Read on to see how we developed a performance exhaust line and ECU tune which give the 570S a serious attitude adjustment...

After taking her out for a drive to get a feel for the stock platform and a few photos, we checked our development 570S in to the shop and inspected it thoroughly.

We wasted no time getting her strapped to our Dynojet for baseline runs and then set about developing an initial tuning solution. We picked up an incredible amount of power over factory specs with our ECU Tune alone.

As you can see, quite an outstanding amount of power is just waiting to be unlocked! Maximum gains of over 76 whp and 86 ft-lbs of torque at 6000 RPM and peak power gains of 48 whp and 73 ft-lbs of torque around 6000 RPM.

As with many exotic cars, the undersides of the front bumpers are subject to abrasion and damage from normal driving conditions, as evidenced on the 570S once we got her up on the lift. Even though it had only been a few months since she rolled off the assembly line in England, the owner had already lost a battle with an aggressive driveway entrance, leaving a nasty scuff under the front lip.

In order to combat this, we crafted carbon fiber skid plates and affixed titanium skid pucks to the underside which absorb impact and fend off scrapes. (We offer similar kits for the Ferrari 430, F355, and 458 that work quite well.) While our kit won't save your bumper from major impacts and direct frontal hits, it will prevent scrapes and cracking from uneven pavement, curbs, and bottoming out. The carbon fiber skid plates are held on by high strength low-profile double sided adhesive tape and are easily removed at any time.

While the ECU tune and the Bumper Protection Kit were being wrapped up, we began diving into the hardware development. We started by removing the factory rear exhaust assembly.

McLaren's exhaust is a solid performer, but it's no lightweight, tipping the scales at over 22lbs/10kg. For comparison, the Fabspeed Supersport X-Pipe which we developed shortly afterward weighs in at only 14lbs/6.4kg.

With the rear exhaust out of the way, we were then able to remove the factory catalytic converters. These behemoths contain two catalytic converters on each side, and are staggeringly restrictive to the exhaust flow.

The total weight of the factory downpipes and rear exhaust is a whopping 71 lbs!

Once the factory system was fully removed, we built custom fixtures and began work on our prototype designs, which eventually get digitized using our 7-axis ROMER CMM Arm.

While the engineers were hard at work digitizing our new rear exhaust components, our fabricators got to work fixturing and prototyping our new Sport Catalytic Converters.

Fabspeed's Sport Catalytic Converters replace the four restrictive factory catalytic converters with two ultra high-performance HJS German-imported Sport Cats for improved performance and hypercar sound; specifically designed for the McLaren by HJS Germany & Fabspeed. FUN FACT: Fabspeed was the first company to manufacture aftermarket exhaust components for the McLaren MP4-12C in 2012, going as far as to source custom 300-cell HJS HD catalysts through our exclusive relationship with HJS.                       

Fabspeed's Sport Cats for the McLaren 570S add significant horsepower and torque throughout the entire power band, with gains of over 30 whp up top and 33 ft/lbs of low-end torque.

Looking for the ultimate exhaust solution for sound? Our Catbypass Pipes remove the heavy factory catalysts altogether and let the 3.8L twin turbo power plant sing its sweet serenade! Our Race Performance Package unleashes top end power gains of 88 whp and 76 ft/lbs of torque at 6050 RPM!

We applied our years of experience with crafting exhaust systems for McLarens (and other high-end marques) to develop a Supersport X-Pipe Rear Exhaust specifically for the 570S.

We strapped the 570S back on the Dynojet to engineer new ways to isolate the exhaust heat from the rest of the engine bay.

We first experimented with a metal heat shield to direct hot air through the side vents

While the results were quite good, we wanted to offer an attractive, complete heat shielding solution.

We went back to the drawing board and developed a fully enveloped heat blanket system, consisting of a 13mm thick ceramic fiber refractory mat interior rated to 1800 degrees. A stainless steel mesh over liner covers the ceramic insulation that makes direct contact with the exhaust pipes. A basalt fabric exterior cover reinforced with stainless steel mesh covers all edges and is secured in place by high-quality stainless steel spring fasteners.

Fabspeed's new Supersport X-Pipe Rear Exhaust for the 570S shaves 8lbs/3.6kg from the rear of the vehicle while adding the subtle exotic exhaust note that the 570S so desperately needs.

Looking for a more aggressive way to enhance the rear aesthetics of your 570S? Look no further. We're all about good looks to complement the performance we offer and have lots of practice crafting unique tips for McLarens, like our LT-Style tips. Our McLaren 570S Deluxe Bolt-On Dual Tips give the rear end of any 570S a sleek and custom appearance; appropriate for the street or the racetrack.

Hold on tight! Fabspeed's McLaren 570S Harness Bar & Mounting Kit is the solution for mounting harnesses. The black powder coated 4130 Chromoly bar bolts into existing mounting points behind the factory trim. Minor trimming of the factory panels is required to install the bar seamlessly, but you can also opt to leave the panels off if you plan to remove the bar in between track events. All hardware and brackets are included to mount either 5-point or 6-point harnesses.

Take your 570S to a completely new level of power and excitement with approximately 700 crank horsepower on tap by upgrading the exhaust, catalytic converters, and ECU tuning parameters at the same time with a complete performance solution. Includes Fabspeed's exclusive Bolt-On Tips for more aggressive styling. 

With development wrapped up, we strapped her final form onto the rollers one last time:

  • Stock = 532 whp / 433 ft-lbs
  • Fabspeed Performance Package = 583 whp / 518 ft-lbs
  • Maximum gains of over 76 whp and 96 ft-lbs of torque at 4167 RPM
  • Peak power gains of 50 whp and 85 ft-lbs of torque around 6000 RPM

As always, our team of dedicated Performance Specialists is standing by to answer any questions you may have about taking your 570S to the next level of performance and excitement!