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NEW PRODUCT | Laguna Seca Style Turn Up Tips

At Fabspeed Motorsport, we are always pushing the envelope in terms of quality, power, and sound. Unfortunately, this sometimes comes at the cost of failing sound level decibel testing at track events that employ strict testing regimes.

To combat this problem for our customers, we developed our signature slip-on “Turndown Tips” to much acclaim. These outlets have been allowing our customers to pass noise restrictions at race tracks around the country.

However, as we are always striving to improve at Fabspeed Motorsport, we set out to develop a unique exhaust solution that effectively cheats decibel testing, while still allowing you to enjoy your Fabspeed Motorsport exhaust components at full song. Introducing our new Laguna Seca Style Turn Up Tips.


We were approached by one of our long-time Porsche customers whowas having a constant battle between enjoying the gorgeous sound of his GT450 Race Performance Package equipped Cayman GT4, and passing the strict noise regulations at Laguna Seca. Our client did not want to turn to any sort of external muffling system (a common sight at Laguna Seca infamous for their strict noise regulations) that would restrict exhaust flow and choke up the glorious sound.

Crafted from the finest T304L mandrel bent stainless steel tubing, these tips are precision engineered to deflect sound upward at nearly a 90 degree vertical angle. Every bend on the tip serves a unique sound-channeling purpose to assure the heavenly Fabspeed exhaust sound is retained, but pointed directly towards the heavens to trick decibel meters. This impressive feat was accomplished using our “Turn Down For What” CAD technology.

Our track tested tips will confuse even the most strict sun-hat wearing, decibel meter yielding track day sound police as you blast around the track at full song with your Fabspeed Motorsport exhaust while returning the absolute lowest decibel readings from the run group.

The Laguna Seca Style Turn Up Tips are designed to mate with any Fabspeed Motorsport exhaust in a standard 4 foot rake option. There is also an 8 foot option available that fits non-Fabspeed exhaust equipment should you need to compensate.

We are currently accepting pre-orders, and currently have precision engineered options to fit the Cayman GT4, Boxster Spyder, and 911 GT3. 

Edit: We hope you enjoyed our April Fool's product!