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IN THE SHOP | Porsche 991 Turbo Performance Package

Paul Revere's famous midnight ride would have been a lot faster had he done it in this Midnight Blue Metallic 991 Turbo S, especially now that it's boasting an extra 100+hp!

The owner made the drive all the way up from Virginia and took advantage of the Fabspeed Lounge to hang out while we performed the work on his 991TT.  Once it was done, he couldn't get the grin off of his face.  (It didn't hurt that he had ample time to experience the added power while testing out his Launch Control in our lot!)

It all started in fabrication, where we manufactured his full performance exhaust system...

Then it was up on the lift as surgery began to remove the factory exhaust components.

Sparkly new set of Fabspeed 991 Turbo Sport Headers lying in wait to be installed...

...along with the new Supersport X-Pipe, 200-cell HJS Sport Cats, and Deluxe Polished Chrome Quad-Style Tips.

The first part off were the restrictive factory headers... make way for the new Fabspeed Sport Headers

Next, the heavy factory rear muffler and restrictive catalytic converters were removed so that the Supersport X-Pipe and 200-cell HJS Sport Cats could be installed.

The naked turbo, awaiting its new exhaust!

Tools of the trade...

Installing the O2 sensors into the 200-cell HJS Sport Cats...

...and installing the Supersport X-Pipe center section.

Next up, we replaced the factory paper air filter with a high-performance BMC F1 Air Filter.

Then it was time to install the Fabspeed Engine Power Tuning Kit.

We re-assembled the rear end and installed the polished chrome Deluxe Quad Tips.

Another extremely happy customer enjoying the trip home in his new Fabspeed-tuned 991 Turbo S.