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Fabspeed Motorsport Awarded US Patent for Revolutionary RENNKRAFT Header Design

Over 35 years I've been a "Gung-Ho" Porsche owner (of both water and air-cooled Porsches), a Porsche Club member, and a Driver's Education instructor. I speak from experience when I say that many factory Porsches and other cars will have their OEM CATALYTIC CONVERTERS FAIL or BREAK DOWN after street driving or brief track usage in racing or drivers’ education events. Even Porsche CUP and GT4 RS Clubsport cars with factory Inconel stainless steel type 600 series catalytic converters break down and cause engine misfires and major losses of power over time. Previously, the ONLY solution was to either go CATLESS (which is 100% illegal in the US, and most other EU countries), or accept their fate and replace the equipment over time - a very costly endeavor (Factory Porsche race headers with catalytic converters cost upwards of $8000).

Thus, we innovated to keep the world CLEAN and GREEN, and the Fabspeed RENNKRAFT system was born and awarded with a US and Global Patent.

FABSPEED MOTORSPORT USA has over 29+ years of experience designing, engineering, and Dyno developing the World's very best air-cooled and water-cooled Porsche performance exhaust systems. Our engineering team has developed the world's very first modular dual-function long tube header for Porsches and other makes that allow for street-legal European Homologated and Certified HJS German imported catalytic converter performance and then, in a few minutes, allows the user to remove the HJS catalytic converter for true real endurance racing events like PCA, POC, and other road course sanctioned racing competition events. If the racing sanctioning body or user wants to run an HJS catalytic converter on the racetrack the modular design allows catalytic converter replacement quickly and efficiently.

The Fabspeed RENNKRAFT™ system is a patented design that is the world's very best dual-function header system.

CAD designed and incrementally dyno developed. The Fabspeed RENNKRAFT header system was fully street and Autobahn endurance tested. We consulted with noted Porsche engine builders in the USA and Germany and also with HJS Emissions Technology engineers to develop this patented header.

Fabspeed developed these systems for the Porsche 930 Turbo, 987.2/981, 997.2, 991, 992 GT3, and 718 GT4 cars. We also developed modular catted downpipes for other non-Porsche applications like the Ford Mustang GT350

The Fabspeed Motorsport RENNKRAFT Header System was designed to work with allPorsche engines from highly modified builders like Rick Deman's 4.5-liter monster engines to IMSA PCA Clubsport cars with broken catted OEM race headers, Fabspeed now offers an optimal solution for dual-purpose street and race cars.

This is a two-piece dual-functioning header that allows for the removal of the catalyst section for a straight piped section used for track and endurance events allowing enthusiasts to have the best of both worlds. For street cars, Fabspeed stipulates that street cars MUST use HJS catalytic converters for all times and YES at the track a car owner can quickly and efficiently run HJS German catalytic converters and change out to new HJS cats when and if they have to for long term reliability. If the car owner wants to run cat bypass pipes at the track and wants to enhance the lifespan of the HJS cats then straight pipes can be installed for racing events and catalytic converters reinstalled for street driving. It's a smart, logical innovative design.