Open Monday - Friday

We're back at it with a brand new - off the lot F90 M5.  We designed and tested a whole line-up of products featuring Secondary Cat Bypass, Sport Catalytic Converters, Valvetronic Exhaust, Muffler Bypass, and ECU tune.

Our R&D team did a great job with this F90 M5 and made sure it left our shop sounding better than when it came in.  We decided to do a full turbo back exhaust lineup for this M5.  We developed sport catalytic converters using our HJS cats for the primary cats, secondary cat bypasses to alleviate the restrictive OEM midpipe, tune, and either our muffler bypass or Valvetronic system for those who like the best of both worlds.  

We were so happy to have been given this opportunity and the owner loved the result.  Stay tuned for our next project!