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Fantastic Sound and Beautifully Made

This is my second system from them. Fantastic sound and beautifully made. Can’t think of a better place to go. 

Kirk E.

Great Product - Great Quality

Great Fabspeed exhaust on my 87' 930 for more than 10 years without any problem. Great product, Great quality! 

Yves D. 

Products Are The Highest Quality Hands Down

The folks at Fabspeed are great and their products are the highest quality hands down.  I have installed their exhausts, cold air intakes, and tunes on 4, yes, 4 of my Porsches and the quality and performance of their products keeps me coming back. I definitely get all that I pay for and excellent attention to customer service too. 

Jeff W.

Most Helpful People

The nicest most helpful people in the world! Thanks to Andrew he helped with my FS Exhaust and follow-up promptly answering all my questions!
Great people makes a better company!

Far as I’m concerned this is the only place to get an exhaust system for your car! 


Maserati Ghibli Installation


I wanted to thank you for today and making the process very smooth and pleasant. I am in awe of your facility and service and looking forward to a continued relationship into the future. 



Virtual Tour from the UK

I just had the best shop experience ever with one of your sales reps, Nick. I got a virtual tour of the shop before I purchased. AMAZING!


Face to face with the God of Thunder!

I recently installed the Fabspeed Race Headers and Valvetronic Exhaust System on my Porsche GT4... or should I say, I recently came face to face with the God of Thunder. For me, the sound of a car is nearly paramount in the car experience. The GT4 with this Fabspeed setup is better than anything I have ever heard. Even beats my favorites of a screaming Ferrari V12, the Lexus LFA, the Porsche Carrera GT, and the C7 LeMans Corvette. I would take this over any of those... and I don't say that lightly.

The setup I chose is not for the faint of heart. 7500 rpms with open windows in a tunnel would make Zeus himself cower. Kudos to Fabspeed and Porsche for attaining automotive perfection.


Absolutely AWESOME!!!

You guys totally rock!! Alan, my master VW tech with your help, just finished completing the installation of the Fabspeed Performance Package with Competition Intake and your ECU programming and I LOVE MY NEW CAR!  The performance, sound and craftsmanship is nothing less than spectacular! I can't stop smiling while banging through the gears of a totally different car. Even though I purchased a 2006 997 Cab S w/ 10K miles, your products make this vehicle stand tall and are well worth every penny!!!

Thank you for getting the ECU turned around within 48 hours so I can enjoy the car this weekend.

I will refer you to all my clients!!!


Paul V.

Full Tour With My Audi R8 Installation

Made the trip to Fabspeed in PA for the install of my new exhaust and was treated to several awesome tours of the shop during the day. I must say I was very impressed with their capabilities and customer centric approach. It's a top notch operation with state of the art fabricating equipment and you can tell every employee is a car guy and jazzed to be working there. They truly made me feel like a guest, and I can certainly think of far worse ways to spend a day!

I know from the forums that many favor the Euro exhausts, but don't discount these guys. Joe "Fab" is very engaged with customers and took the time to address questions I raised about issues I've seen in the forums, like creating a valved version for the R8. After seeing the R&D these guys do, and the multitude of products they make for high end cars, I was not only proud of Made in the USA, but confident their products can compete with anything out there.

And by the way, after the 8 hour install due to the 230 some odd screws that hold the tail section in place on the R8, when they finally fired up my car I couldn't believe how good it sounded, and thoroughly enjoyed the 2.5 hour ride home to CT with the "music" playing from the new exhaust. If anyone in the CT or New England area would like to come hear my Fabspeed exhaust, please reach out to me.



Porsche 993 Carrera Performance Package

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my new exhaust. The fit was great; it went together with no problems.  Sounds wonderful, not too loud, just the way I wanted.  And with having my computer flashed, I noticed a lot more mid range torque.

Again, I wanted to let you how glad I am that I bought from you.



More Than Stellar!

Thanks again for the quick response.

I hope you will pass this on to your managers...but the service and response time I have received from you and Fabspeed has been more than stellar!..

I too work in a service related business, healthcare, and I must tell you how many times I have heard and experienced the frustration of non-responsiveness...the fact that you and your company replied to my inquiry so quickly is greatly appreciated.

Your company no doubt eschews a service culture, great job, and if I ever upgrade other components on my current or future vehicles, I will look to Fabspeed first.

Thanks again,

Dennis P.

Great Experience!

I just had the greatest Customer Experience you could ever have online with Fabspeed. Thanks Anthony for answering my questions!


Ferrari F360 Modena

I really appreciate the professional service given by the Fabspeed group. I was having problems with the check engine light on my Ferrari F360 Modena. Fabspeed helped modify one of the 02 Sensors for the right bank on my exhaust. These guys are great and I am no longer having any problems with my check engine light. Thank you again Fabspeed and I look forward to the next order with your company.

B. Duke

Odessa, TX

Porsche 997.2 Carrera Performance Package

I recently had the Porsche 997.2 Carerra Performance package installed on my 2009 Carerra S by Eurocar-Werk in Houston.  The sound is awesome and exceeds what I had expected after watching/listening to your youtube video of a similar installation.  The additional torque knocks you back and comes close to burning rubber shifting from 1st to 2nd in PDK 'Sport Plus' mode!  Your representative, Erik, at Eurocar-Werk was a pleasure to work with.  Although getting the package took a little longer than anticipated, it was well worth the wait!!
Keep up the good work - - - I will definitely be recommending Fabspeed to all my Porsche friends in the future

Houston, TX

Audi R8 V10 Exhaust Installation

From the first visual experience when arriving I was shocked at how large the establishment was.  Working with David was amazing from start to finish and he did deliver on his promise of getting my car done in one night! He also went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied.

The exhaust sounds amazing, and since getting it I have been getting non-stop compliments on the street of people telling me how good the exhaust sounds! The videos posted do not do justice. I have heard many exhausts ranging from Akrapovic to Stasis, and this is hands-down the best in my opinion and priced very aggressively compared to the rest.

All I can say is thanks to David and Fabspeed for providing such good customer service.


Porsche 991 Turbo (Development Vehicle)

My experience has been phenomenal for the past 4 weeks while Fabspeed has been developing their new exhaust on my 991TT. I was reticent to be without my car, but the opportunity to have a full exhaust system at the cost of one way transportation (they covered the other way) was too good to pass up, not to mention we were still in the thick of our horrendous midwest winter.

What I expected was that I would ship them my car, maybe get an email or pic or maybe a vid midway and near the end of the process, and then get my car back. No, what I got was step by step text updates, multiple times a day, with pictures and videos almost daily. Honestly, it's the best service I've ever had by a vendor, and granted it was for their development vehicle, but there was no obligation on their part to spend an hour or more a day just keeping me appraised of what was going on with my car.


Porsche 996 Turbo
I cannot say enough about the quality of service and professionalism that I received on my recent purchase. I originally attempted to work with all of the better vendors. After dealing with Schane at Fabspeed Motorsport, I saved myself the further aggravation and frustration and dealt with him. I guess you could say he rescued me. You do not pay him enough! You can’t!

To make any statement about Fabspeed would be an understatement. The best way to put it would be that Schane partnered with me to obtain my desired goal within my budget and assisted me in making wise choices.

I wish that all of the vendors I dealt with in my line of work were as knowledgeable, professional, intelligent and diligent.

Thank you,

Porsche 981 Boxster S
Well, I drove around "riding" and found it was a pleasant surprise of torque and responsiveness. At first I thought the speedometer was disrupted by the change. But as I continued to drive, I found that it was an improved torque that made my tachometer nutty. It settled down after 100 miles. So far it's as awesome as always. Nice tone, a bit too much burble on getting off accelerator. But it's settling down. Very impressive improvements.

Dr. Enriquez

Porsche 981 Boxster S
I've taken some time to respond to your e mail regarding my assessment of the work you did on the exhaust of my 2013 Boxster s. I did this because I wanted to make sure I wasn't just enamored with something new. Well the decision is in and I can honestly say that the end result is fabulous. The exhaust note is perfect and the car purrs like a kitten at 80 mph. there appears to be absolutely no back pressure at all when I take my foot off the gas. Everyone who hears or drives the car is in complete agreement. I recommend this modification to anyone who owns a Boxster and would be happy to convey the same to anyone interested. Thanks again to you and your highly competent staff for making a great car even better.

Yours truly, 
Ron W.

Porsche 997 Turbo
I would like to express my total satisfaction with you personally and Fabspeed Motorsports. You were very knowledgeable of your products, but if you did not know the answer, then you were very quick to find it and get back with me in an expeditious manner. Additionally, the products and package that I purchased from you for my 2008 Porsche Twin Turbo Cab is absolutely fantastic and addicting every time I get into the car. I will look forward to working with you in the near future to push the HP even higher. I Love it and I recommend you and Fabspeed Motorsports to all Porsche power lovers!
Chad M.

Porsche 997 Carrera S
The new work you all did to my car, makes it run the way an old lady should run.
I love what you all did !!!
Todd W.

Porsche 996 C4S
I can definitely hear the intake and mufflers when accelerating, and between 3000 and 4000 rpms it sounds awesome, but not over the speed you just hear the engine so it's the best of both worlds for me. My nephew and I can tell there is more immediate response when accelerating, and definitely feels more powerful. Thanks again for such great hospitality to me from you and your staff. I will be selling your products and service to anyone I speak to in the car and Porsche world in dc area!

Porsche 987.2 Cayman R
I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Fabspeed that helped with the install on my car. It turned out even better than I hoped and was definitely worth the drive out there. Everyone there was very friendly and I enjoyed the tour and hospitality--everyone was very knowledgeable and had a lot of great information. Not to mention that the exhaust sounds fantastic! Also, getting the exhaust tips ceramic coated matte black to match with the car's trim made it perfect.
After seeing everything, and being a customer, I will be coming to Fabspeed for all of my future exhaust needs with my Cayman R, but also any future vehicles that I purchase. Thanks again for everything!

Porsche Cayman S
The Cayman Race exhaust arrived today. I just want to let you know that your customer service and speed of processing my shipment was beyond my best expectations . Next the system is a work of art made with pride right here in the USA . As an owner of a large machine shop making aerospace ,medical and defense products I understand and appreciate excellent workmanship. Fabspeed is manufacturing and providing a superior product.
Keep up the great work.

Porsche 986 Boxster
I couldn't be happier with the 986 exhaust system! After the adjustment to the header/cat, everything fit perfectly. The sound of the engine is phenomenal, and the look of the tips really sets off the rear end of the car. Not to mention the great performance of the engine with the increased air flow; totally satisfied!
Thanks for any insight.
James M

Porsche 997 Turbo
Still need to spend more time with it but here are my initial impressions:
- Sick. Seriously.
- Exhaust is EXACTLY what I wanted. Car sounds so powerful. The note is pushed about as far as you can without going over the top and cheapening it. I LOVE IT. I really can’t say enough about the sounds emitted as you wind through the gears. Sounds great up and down, at all speeds. Tremendous. Can’t tell you how many heads were turning.
- Driving/Speed(gains). Again, sick. I was surprised because I didn’t know what to expect. This is a turbo so of course you still have the “boost” effect but what I find now is that I get boost earlier (around 3k rpm) and when it kicks in, it’s MASSIVE. I am consistently at 15-17psi. At one point yesterday….in sport mode with the ground a bit wet……I snapped into 2nd gear and got on it. The car exploded like a horse out of the gate and actually went sideways. I know some of that has to do with the wet pavement and sport/pasm but the power that came through was incredible….and a bit frightening.
- (exhaust) Tips. I didn’t think it would be a big deal. I thought the stock tips were fine. Wrong. These are a million times nicer looking and go perfectly with the sound and power this beast puts out. I keep looking at them.
- Finally, all of this sound and power yet the vehicle remains very refined. Doesn’t sound or behave like a sup’d up street racer or funny car. This really is the right balance of everything that I would have hoped for when I originally bought the 997 TT. Sure it’s Supercar status even stock but now it sounds the part and has that extra punch that really makes complete use of that incredible turbo engine that Porsche put in this thing.
- I am sure I will probably eat these words now that I have the bug…but I can’t imagine anyone needing any more power or torque from this machine (or any machine).

Thanks again for everything.

Porsche 997.2 Turbo S
Well the show was a success and the customer loves his new Turbo S. Very happy with the power and sound. He actually came by yesterday and compared to his friend's black Turbo with Tubi exhaust. No comparison, the sound is much nicer and the aesthetics of your exhaust compared to the Tubi isn't even close. We enjoyed working with you guys on this project and look forward to future builds. I already have another Porsche customer asking what we can do with his Panamera Turbo. Here are a few pics of the car, along with your exhaust and ECU, we powder coated all the wheels, painted some of the trim and side vents gloss black, smoked the tail lights, ceramic coated the exhaust tips and installed a Passport 9500ci radar/laser defense system. Thanks again for all your help and we look forward to dealing with you again.
Charlie H.
Automotive Solutions of Tampa Bay

Porsche 997 Turbo
Just a note to thank you guys for doing a great job. I took my car the long way home last night and to say there is a night and day difference would be an understatement. I've owned some pretty fast cars (Z06, Viper) and always thought they had just a slight edge in pure straight on power over the 911TT. Well that thought is all gone now, this thing is an absolute beast. And to put that power down on all four wheels with almost no turbo lag is a great feeling. In addition to the power, the x-pipe exhaust and intake provide exactly the sound I was looking for.
Take care,

Porsche 997 Carrera S
Thanks for the update, looking forward to the whole system being in place! I have no regrets with the exhaust system! At first I didn't notice to great of a change but I do notice I hardly ever use the sports button anymore for that extra boost because the car drives the way I want it to every time I drive it which is cool because now the sports button has even more boost when I press it! Love the sound and the ability to switch between the two. The sound of the mufflers seems to be getting better all time and I'm hardly ever listening to the radio anymore.
In other words the exhaust system is doing great!

Porsche 996 GT3
I just wanted to say that the customer, and us, were very impressed and pleased with the exhaust system. Things have been crazy around here and I wanted to make sure that I let you know before too long.
I was not able to hear everything in person as I was out that week it came in. But the new owner and my guys in the shop were impressed!
Thank you,
Justin H.
Parts Manager
Lamborghini Chicago

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
So far, the exhaust sounds great. Just the right combination between too loud, and too quiet. I actually spent the entire ride home talking on the phone - which is something that was very difficult to do with the RSC because of the drone. Can't wait until the roads are clear, and the weather warms up so I can drive around with the windows down and really see what it sounds like! Once again, thanks again. I'm sure we'll be in touch in the future.

Porsche 997 Carrera S
We installed the parts on the carrera S on next Monday. I installed the exhaust on mine on past Friday.....
JJJJJJJJJJJJJEEESUS !! so louuud, I love iiittt !! feels much lighter and much faster compared to the other brand, plus the finish is more nicer, very happy I am.

Lamborghini Gallardo
(I just went to Fabspeed yesterday... My gallardo now has the ECU remap, exhaust with x pipes, and carbon airbox's with the red silicone tubing... I did not buy my Lambo for the 0-60, I have motorcycles for that (Duc & K12R)... I am a former BMW guy (RPI modded M3s/M5s) and all about the journey and twisties between two points... The mid range is amazing now, especially with my manual gearbox. After having been used to the car, post mods the fear factor is back! The Fabspeed team and Rob who did the install... all very helpful and are actual car guys... opposed to people that just do installs. I highly recommend them.

Ferrari 458
No questions, I passed your information along to my client and waiting still for a response. Also, Thanks for all your help with the 458, it turned out great and the client was very happy and your team did an outstanding job getting us the part we needed “on time” to complete the installation and you won me over !
Hope to do some good business with you
Joe A.
Service/Parts Manager
Cauley Ferrari

Ferrari 355
The Fabspeed team is sending 3 components for my newly acquired 355: 1. Ceramic coated headers, 2. Sport Cats, and 3. Secondary cat bypass which will all be hooked up to a Tubi exhaust. Totally professional...very knowledgeable...didn't the parts shipped asap. Units will be installed in the next few weeks. Did this even though all my original components were inspected and deemed in good condition. The headers will eventually fail...why wait. Would highly recommend you give the Fabspeed team a shout. I don't think you will be disappointed.
Take care and enjoy your ride... 
Wayne P.

Porsche 911 Turbo 930
Just Franz at Auto Select Letting you know this product you have sent is the finest yet (Fit and Finish) and also performance wise. These 930 exhaust and intake upgrades have totally changed the characteristics of my clients vehicle. I can't wait to see the smile on his face when he experiences what I felt on my road test of this rocket ship.
Thanks Man,

Ferrari F430 Scuderia
All is well with the parts you have sent over. The car is running flawlessly. Hard to determine just how much more power without putting it on a dyno which I am going to do in the near future.
But I can say I do not think the car could handle any more around a track as even with Michelin cup sport tires traction is on the limit coming out of corners. My friends 458 which is supposed to have considerably more power than a standard Scud can not make up ground on me in the straights. The package is perfect for the track but for the road to make it quieter I agree with you that the 200 cell cats instead of the cat bypass pipes would be better due to the noise.
Thank you and regards,
David R.

Porsche 964 Speedster
I am delighted to report that the Fabspeed system was successfully installed by Porsche Hong Kong onto my 964 Speedster and I picked up my car on Friday with everything working perfectly. The benefits were felt immediately with the first twist of the ignition. The classic boxer's voice was deepened, more solid and dare I say more cultured.
On the drive home I noticed zero resonance that haunts traditional aftermarket sports exhaust systems. At idle it was also not excessively noisy but on full boil, it developed a race car roar - addictive!!!! On the handling side, shaving over 40 pounds where it counts have done wonders with my car's overall balance and composure - especially on fast turns. I have so much more to report. The Fabspeed team has also taken great photos of the Fabspeed system being made and tested.  

Porsche 997 Carrera
I called your company back above the many others I have spoken to for Porsche upgrades in the last few days because of your enthusiasm and professionalism. I am an investment banker. Please take this for the compliment that it is.. I would hire you in a NY minute.
Your teams phone skills are exemplary. Not.
Professional regards,
Michael I.

Porsche 997 Turbo
Just wanted to thank you again for a great day at Fabspeed. I appreciate your team personally installing the system. First class. Had a nice 1 hr 40 min ride home. After putting the kids to bed I took out the 997TT for a late night spin on the country roads where I live (Amish country).Thoughts are as follows:The ECU and exhaust have completely transformed the car from fast and fun to a freaking beast. The turbo's sound incredible as they spool. Engine sounds angry at the road, and... capable of doing something about it! Not showy, but simply Bad Ass :)Third and fourth gear transform the car into a veritable freight train. As the turbos spool it's like being on the bridge of the USS Enterprise hitting warp speed. The upgrades have transformed the 911 into an an entirely different animal. The peddle kit feels perfect. Totally upgraded grip. Solid feel. Spot on. The shift kit is the freaking bomb. Much quicker and more fun when ripping through gears. Just feels right. The way it should have from the factory. I'm sure I'll have Fabspeed lower the car using your suggestions.

Porsche 1983 911 SC
A few weeks ago, I ordered a cat-bypass and muffler bypass for my 83 911SC. I truly appreciate your call to discuss alternate options as I knew that combo would be loud, but didn't realize that it would be loud enough to create problems. I have your cat-bypass and muffler bypass on my 91 911 Turbo and I love it! I hadn't even considered the turbo quieting down the open exhaust on the turbo car.
I just got around to installing the exhaust system that you recommended for the SC. It is truly awesome! The sound and quality are perfect! The deep throaty rumble at idle transitions into a more aggressive roar at about 3 to 4 thousand rpm and there's obvious improvement in throttle response and power. You guys are the best!
My next project is my 74 911. Once I decide if I'm going to tackle rebuilding the 2.7 or a transplant with something more substantial, I'll definitely be a return customer when I need exhaust components in the future.
Thanks again for your expert advice and customer service.
Paul A.

Porsche 997.2 Turbo
I currently have a 2010 911 Turbo with PDK and an using your catback and intake. I also have the ECU upgrade and EVOMS diverter valves. The car has only 500 miles on it and not really broken in.
I raced the car at Englishtown last night- weather was very hot and humid.
The car performed amazingly! I spun all 4 wheels until 3rd gear. Top end was never-ending power. I turned 10.95 at 126 mph with stock tires.
Thanks for producing such great products.
Thanks again,
Brian S.

Lamborghini Murcielago
I wanted to take the time to tell you what a top notch organization you run. I recently had my car there (2005 Lambo Murcielago) for an exhaust and ECU upgrade. I have driven the car about 150 miles since then and it is amazing. The power and the sound are unbelievable. People who knew the car before have been asking did I get a new engine! The service from the Fabspeed team was the best. I will be sending some more of my cars there ASAP.
Congratulations on such a great product and service,
Duane D.

Porsche Boxster S
I just wanted to drop a note regarding my recent purchase of some of your products. I have a 2005 Boxster S 3.2L. Last month I purchased a BMC F1 air cleaner as well as a Cat-Back Stainless Maxflo exhaust system with polished tips. The Cat Back was a little difficult to get lined up so the tips were even and still have a chance to get it bolted to the header flange. I ended up spending quite a bit of time getting it right and wrestling with it. Once installed the sound is superb. It has a nice balance of sound when you want it and quiet at cruising speeds around town, none of the annoying resonance a lot of systems have. Once I had everything up and running I decided to send you my ECU for programming upgrades. Everything went well. Your turn around and shipping times were fabulous, I really appreciated getting the ECU returned in a couple days allowing me to get things up and running rapidly. I just came home from a little vacation drive around Oregon that took me over 12 summits and covered 1200 miles, mostly on the old highways and rural roads in all corners of the state. The car ran perfectly the entire trip in all altitudes from sea level to 7400’. While it feels like it pulls much stronger than before I have no idea what these modifications have given me in power gains. If you have any idea I would love to know.
On one nice open stretch I hadn’t seen anyone for about 15 minutes in eastern Oregon, we were cruising along about 70 in 6th gear, without down shifting I pressed the throttle peddle and ran it easily up to 145. No drama or noise. The trip was for the sole purpose of enjoying the car and top down exploring. We averaged 26 MPG with an average daily speed of 65. We passed through many very small towns in the three days we were gone and most were at about 15-20 mph. To still be able to average that average speed was great. On past trips I usually have gotten about 23-24. To get more power as well as increased mileage shows well for your research and development skills.
I wish you were closer as I would like to get some suspension work done next and don’t really have a shop in Portland that I feel is experienced performing advanced work.
Your company has great products and quality. As I look for more performance upgrades you will be at the top of my list to call
Lloyd W.

Porsche 996 Turbo
Big Big Big difference in the TT! Runs like it should now, boost gets right up to 1.0 and sounds great getting there. Thank you for taking care of me I really appreciate the Fabspeed team taking personal charge of the install and tuning upgrade.
Thank You,
Jim R.

Porsche 997 Carrera
Got the ECU installed and this car really screams!! Sounds great!!!! He revved it in the shop and everybody came to see... The install looks so clean and professional and the staggered chrome pipes absolutely set off the rear of this guards red 997. Great Job!! We may see another kit sale when this customer shows it to his Dad.
Again Thanks for the great service,
Dean McCrary Imports

Porsche 911 Turbo 930
Here is an install of your 930 headers I did today.
I am amazed there hasn't been more postings about your headers on this forum. The headers look amazing. I really appreciate a crossover pipe that isn't all over the place when looking from behind going up and down, hitting the engine mount console, when looking from behind. It's also completely straight from one side to the other when compared to the one I removed. I like symmetry. It's a beautiful product and I have to give credit where credit is due. Some people mentioned primary sizing being small. I don't know. I'm sure it does no difference. After all, the collectors and their clean smooth nature would more than make up for any issues. And besides, maybe one gets more of a venturi effect and build more heat pre-turbo. Anyway, so far so good and I have to give credit where credit is due. People have always liked the B&B basic shorty design (which was really a Bob Holcombe of MODE design) but have wanted better quality without cracking. So far this seems like it. Now all I need is a zork that sits flush with my license plate since I don't run a valance. And, I also need some luck since I will be moving to Austria and will be shipping the car in two weeks. I get one year of leeway before I have to get an EU plate. Then the dreaded TUV. So let's see. Maybe I'll load the trunk with rosary beads and buddha figures for good luck. I hope I'm able to keep them on. I might also have to get a muffler from you for going through TUV. Though I suspect that if I have a really professional looking product on the car, it helps. It certainly would kill me to have to put on factory heat exchangers. So let's see how that goes. If I am able to keep them on, after TUV, it would certainly be neat for Europeans to see and hear your product first hand. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to stand behind what you produce.
Ed B.

Lamborghini Murcielago
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you provided me. The pipes was a breeze to install, a simple bolt on and you provided all the hardware. The LP640 sounds wonderful and there is such a better throttle response.
I would recommend this product!!
Thank you again!
Tom m.

Porsche 996 C2
The car was very fast at Pocono – I was keeping up with a Radical and a GT2 in the instructor group which were 2 of the fastest cars there. I think the only car faster than me was a Diasio. I could keep up with 500 hp Vettes on the bowl!
Darren M.

Maserati 2004 Coupe GT
I just wanted to send you a note with some dyno info on my 2004 Maserati Coupe GT. I worked with Ed Kowbel at Automekanika in Spring Grove, IL to install your secondary cat bypass, X-pipe and rear boxes. The middle dyno run shows the difference from base line using your system. The results were amazing! The baseline included a BMC air filter and a Larini X-pipe. The final run included an ECU re-flash by Evolution Motorsports. Your products are absolutely beautiful and it is a shame to hide them under the car. The installation was very straightforward and the system sounds like an Italian car should! I recently got a 2006 Porsche Cayenne S so your secondary cat replacement pipes are the first thing that will go on that car! Thanks for your great service and product quality!
Ed B.

Mercedes SL55AMG
Just wanted to give you an update on the car...FABULOUS! The power is night and day and I even got better gas mileage coming home. I wrote you guys up in the Mercedes Benz forum in the SL55 AMG category under "Fabspeed Motorsports Kleeman Upgrade".
Thanks again for the great work and we'll stay in touch,

Porsche 2009 Cayman S
Tatum Racing would like to thank the team at Fabspeed for building a great set of Headers for our 2009 Porsche Cayman S DFI Grand-Am Continental Sports Car Series Race Car number 44. The workmanship and Design was excellence and without their help we wouldn't have been the quickest Porsche at the Grand-Am Homestead event this past weekend. We noticed an improvement in power and Torque over the stock system.
The Headers are now Grand-Am approved for the Continental Sports Car Series. If anyone is looking for quality performance from an Exhaust System I recommend they contact Fabspeed as their product is race proven and produced the extra Horsepower needed to be the quickest Porsche at the Homestead Grand Prix. The Tatum Racing Built/ Magnus Racing Porsche Cayman S moved from the back of the field of over 30 cars to 6th position in 45 minutes with the help of Fabspeed and their products.
Many Thanks from Tatum Racing Inc for a Job well done.
Tatum Racing Inc.

Porsche Boxster
I really appreciate the immediate customer service. Tonight we're ordering the Fabspeed license frame. People are going to want to know where we got this incredible exhaust and intake system! I'm also not sure how you guys managed to send the system to us so fast during a 100 year snowstorm in Pennsylvania. Obviously, customer service is a credo for Fabspeed.
Dennis G.

Porsche 996 Turbo
My 996 Turbo straight pipes (purchased 2 years ago) are so loud (and easy to install) that recently a group of children ran away from the car when I started it. Just moments prior to this they were adding little finger prints to the windows and paint. So, thanks!
I'm a film and television producer. We need to make some high concept video for your website and viral efforts.
My best
Andrew M.
Thank you.

Ferrari F355
Regarding the new Fabspeed pipes, with just about an hours driving time before the 1st flakes were due to fall in todays winter storm, I headed straight to some nearby two lane blacktop (movie reference), as I was anxious to see if there was any "seat of the pants" difference that I could feel in my "seat". Things seemed fairly normal in standard driving, but the sound was already clearly louder and somewhat more f1-ish. When I dropped the hammer things were very nice, then at just above 4,000 rpm, maybe 4300, it felt like I hit the nitrous switch. The rush of power startled me at first and I backed off. Then after I new what to expect, it was fun to play with. A couple of times the tires broke loose in 2nd gear when it hit the magic spot above 4k. Granted it was about 10 degrees out, so the pavement was cold, but there was clearly a change in the power band. The new Fabspeeds are allowing this beast to breath at the high RPMs. I can't wait until Spring so I can really do some driving.
Excerpt from FerrariChat
Eugene K.

Ferrari F430
I just wanted to let you know how well your products are doing with us and the great feedback. Recently we installed complete header, cats and muffler systems on 2 F430’s.
From my perspective, beautifully engineered pieces of art that install well, look and sound great and add REAL value to the vehicle. From the clients view, superbly crafted equipment that is absolutely at “home” on their Ferrari ! Keep up the good work and please drop by when in town.
Best Regards,
Service Manager
Ferrari of Tampa Bay

Porsche 996 Carrera Cabriolet
I am very pleased with the performance enhancements to my 1999 996. No issues at all. It really improved performance, torque and sound. It flys! I had it up to 120 mph in 4th gear this weekend with two more gears to go. It really brings out the performance the vehicle should have.
Thanks again,
Gregory V.

Porsche 1979 911 Turbo 930
Just wanted to thank you for answering questions before I purchased, It was helpful. Installation was simple. Start to finish removing muffler, installation of zork tube, and the intake about hour and a half. The results are awesome on my car, it breathes , it shakes the building, and runs significantly better. WOW !!!! What a difference! I love the sound of the zork tube, a real ear opener, growlin , whistling, sweet sounds of the flat six.
Fan of Fabspeed
Mark H.

Porsche 2009 Boxster 987
Just wanted to say thanks again for the personal attention and hard work of you and your guys up there at Fabspeed. The car was awesome on the way back home. No drown; responsive much more responsive and aggressive when on the throttle just as I wanted and it wasn't prior to my little trip up there. Actually my nav re-routed me thru Shea Rd I think its called up there near you on the way back to 476 and I got to open the car up a bit and it was soo much of a change it scared me enuff to back down a bit! Anyway looks great and sounds great...can't wait to see/hear it after the exhaust breaks in a little.
Thanks again,
Rob C.

Porsche 996 GT3
Thank you for the excellent support of the Fabspeed 996 GT3 intake.
Your staff was so diligent in helping me with the "bolt" lining up issue.
You were right - put the carbon fiber piece in the front and forget about the extra bolt - it doesn't need to be used.
I love fabspeed and the support you have a loyal customer of life. I will recommend Fabspeed at all the PCA, POC and other track events.

BMW E92 M3
Last Friday I went up to Fabspeed to have the HFC and X Pipe installed on our cars. Currently I have the AA tune, AA pulley, Macht Schnell filter, RPi Scoops, and Eisenmann Race exhaust as my performance engine modifications.
Fit and Finish:
The Fabspeed HFC and X Pipe look absolutely amazing. It comes in a nice polished look and to see the product next to the OEM makes you wonder what BMW was thinking creating such a suffocating exhaust system. The install is pretty straight forward. The only modification that needs to be done to the car is the take a rubber hammer to the driver side heat shield. The driver side HFC does sit a little lower than the passenger side because of the way the tubing comes out from the header.
After hearing all of the reviews of how the HFC and X Pipe combined with the Eisenmann Race was very loud I was scared that it would be off the wall loud. Once the car came off of the lift it was started and the sound was actually quieter than with the Eisenmann Race by itself. I was shocked that at idle it did not seem to be as loud as I was expecting. Jeremy at Fabspeed pulled it out of the garage and drove it down the street. That's when the real sound actually came out. The car was a lot louder now at WOT and the the deep Eisenmann Race American muscle car growl was now replaced with a slightly higher pitched exotic car sound. Again, I was scared that it was going to be too loud because you could hear Jeremy go around the block. Now it was my turn to get into the car and drive it. The sound is not that loud once your in the car. The downshifts now make the car bark and I absolutely love how it sounds. If you are driving with the windows down it is definitely louder than with the windows up. I also noticed that some of the droning from the Eisenmann Race was gone due to the higher pitch in the sound. At 70 MPH the car is eerily quieter than before where there would be a slight drone.
This by far is the biggest performance gain out of any modification I have done. I feel like the car gained a lot of HP through out the RPM range. The car now breathes so much better now. I am so impressed with the HP gain that the car now feels scary at WOT. This has totally changed the way the car is now off of the line and on the highway.
My car is not really my daily driver so I am really happy with the sound of the car. If it was my daily driver then I might want to go to the Eisenmann Sport exhaust which Ben335 has. I will let him post his review when he has time. If any of you guys are within driving distance to Fabspeed you need to go to their shop and get it installed there. They are some of the best guys I have dealt with. You almost feel like you are a part of their family when you go into their shop. They are first class and I will definitely do business with them again.
I will link the vdo Fabspeed made at the bottom of this post. Somewhere in the middle is a dyno run and a drive through their street.
I have fallen in love with my car all over again. Now off to the road for some more driving. 

Porsche Turbo
WOW…..the ECU upgrade with the intake and total exhaust package ROCKS.
The Master Porsche Mechanic at the dealership has installed a few exhaust upgrades on Porsches and has worked on the Carrera GT, but he said that my Turbo was much better than anything he’s ever driven. And with the muffler by-pass pipes on, the car really gets noticed now. Even the city cops pull up & give me a grin.
I also wanted to say that the quality and craftsmanship of Fabspeed’s equipment is truly a match to the Porsche’s commitment to excellence.
Keep up the great work.
Tim H.

BMW E93 M3
I am very pleased with my new Fabspeed X pipe for my E93. I had the car dynoed bone stock and then with the Fabspeed pipe and air filter. I gained 21 HP and 18 FPT over stock and it was 20 degrees warmer the day of the test. It looks like I gained 15 HP from the X pipe and 6 from the filter.
The sound of the pipe is great with the stock muffler. It's more aggressive when you step on it but not much louder than stock at idle. The combo of the exhaust and air filter makes the car feel like its taking in more air; making it sound great.
I was on a BMW tour and I had a few people behind me say that it sounded like an F1 racer. I can't be more pleased with the team at FabSpeed and also Taylor at Ape Performance. I've had the exhaust on for 2 months and it seems to be getting better with age. No vibration and a beautiful sound. I would recommenced not only the exhaust but Fabspeed and Ape Performance as well.
Scott T.

F430 Spider
I got my F430 Spider back from my mechanic on Friday and WOW, what a difference!
The car was exhilarating when I bought the car new, and we got a 21 horse improvement with the race cats and aftermarket exhaust which I did a year ago. But the headers, carbon fiber air intake, BMC filter, and ECU programming have made it explosive. I’m looking forward to what you can do to my California when it shows up.
Matt B.

Porsche Cayman S
I just installed the Fabspeed exhaust on my 06 CS and I can tell you that the build quality and fitment of this exhaust system is incredible. I actually run an aftermarket performance business so I get to see a lot of product and this catback is second to none in fitment and quality! The sound is excellent too!
Great job guys! Worth every penny...

Porsche 997TT
I have the reflashed ecu finally installed. The car runs great and the added ponies are awesome. Finally the car isn't a dog. You guys rock. When the wife's new Boxster s comes in i'll look into exhaust stuff available from Fabspeed.
Stephen T.

Ferrari Scuderia
Just test drove the Scuderia this afternoon. It's freaking fast!! Engine is more responsive, power and sound is such a big difference compared to stock.
Owner is very very happy and also very impressed. Jeez, what a major transformation. I broke 150 mph easy today on the highway. Car feels like it's pushing 550bhp or so. Dunno. Feels like it.
Let me know,

Porsche 997TT
Gotta admit, you guys are the best to deal with. I got the box shipped like a lightning, can’t wait until I open the box and check the "parts" out.
Ali A.

Porsche Cayman S
The performance....staggering :-) Really, really, really worth doing on a manual trans Porsche. Changes are much quicker and I love the positive,"clunky" feel of the shift....I blends perfectly with how the rest of the car works, its direct, mechanical and 100% surefooted and takes a decent impetus to slot from gear to gear. The ultimate "driver's car" has just acquired the ultimate "driver's gearshift" , I'm very happy !
Albert H.
Managing Member of Coastal Engineering Supplies

Porsche Boxster
The Boxster system is just super and I'll be posting my impressions on the club site today. I can't thank you guys enough. After installation, I've driven over 350 miles at a variety of speeds, but mostly highway. It's quality was obvious from seeing it prior to installation. It really sounds sweet... deep low tone when you start the car and it just builds on that. I haven't experienced any resonance that even my wife could find bothersome and she's not a "car" fan like some. She says she likes it, too. It will get my hearty endorsement. And thank you again!
Jim G.

Porsche 911 Carrera SC
Finally back at home and have found the time to install your muffler.
Firstly, may I thank you for the video on how to convert my single outlet SC to a dual outlet. The purchase of an air saw made the job a very simple one.
The exhaust itself took me around an hour to install, once I had the old unit out that is!! Most of this was spent figuring out the arrangement of the mounting bracket. The system looks great, really sorting out the back of the car, which with just a single non-descript exhaust outlet looked quite strange.
Performance is considerably improved, with the car jumping up to 4000 rpm so fast, I am forced to keep a closer eye on my rev counter now, but the best improvement is in the sound. I have tried your exhaust bypass system, and really enjoyed the added performance, but it was so loud you could not hear the beautiful bass note of these flat 6 engines. The cat back exhaust creates the most beautiful rumbling sound when you are off the power, and simply explodes into a howl when you plant your foot. Dollar for dollar, this is certainly the best value upgrade I have made to my SC,
Thank You,
Kindest Regards,

Porsche 996TT
Many thanks for your expert advice and quick turnaround on the recent header replacement for my '03 Porsche 996TT.
I’m absolutely amazed that you sent me a set of new butt plugs for free! The car sounds awesome now and runs great.
By the way, I’m extremely happy with my existing set up of Fabspeed headers, cat bypass and muffler bypass. It provides
outstanding performance and superior craftsmanship. Also, I look forward to trying out your new 70mm system with
200-cell HJS cats and muffler bypass in the future. Fabspeed is the best!! 
Thank you,
Linda I.

Porsche Cayman S
I was overseas for a while and when I returned, I had received the tuned software from Softronic as promised. I loaded it last night so my mods regarding air filter, pipe and software are now complete. Thanks for all your - distance help, the car is an absolute dream to drive. The pipe looks like a million bucks, and sounds......well.... like a hungry growling tiger at idle, a snarling hungry tiger as it chases down his prey at 4000 rpm and and absolute stark-raving beserk lunatic tearing its prey apart at 7500 rpm !! Yeeeeehaaaa ! As to the sometimes lamented issues of "resonance".....I can only say: "What resonance" ?! There is a very slight and short-lived sound induced vibration inside the car at 1500 rpm....but if you're hanging around for long at 1500 rpm you've got way more serious issues anyway!
I'm not a dyno kind of guy.....and made a point of NOT going the "before and after" route. Seat of pants says the software has made the throttle/engine much more responsive. Whereas before it was the normal "roll-on" type throttle response of a largish normally aspirated motor, it’s now has the snappy sharp response of a well tuned race engine. Not quite like the difference between my 4 stroke and 2 stroke off-road bikes, but think along those lines to understand the difference in throttle control and response that the software has made. Fixed gear "pull" say, from 140 to 220 km/h, has also improved dramatically. A minor point: So many reviews expressed concern about the engine management warning light coming on when non-cat systems such as yours are fitted. Strangely enough, even though I'm using the "no cat" headers with the oxygen sensors re-fitted, the light never came on, neither before the software mod nor after....!
Albert H.
Managing Member of Coastal Engineering Supplies

Porsche Cayman S
Had the exhaust system fitted last week to my Cayman S – looks terrific and sounds great. The sales guys at the Porsche dealership even came outside to listen as I took off. The fit of the system is superb and the tail pipes are a work of art.
Gerry C.

Porsche 997TT
I ordered my Fabspeed exhaust yesterday Dec 23rd at approx. 3:00pm et. Guess what arrived at my door today the 24th at 2:00pm….that’s right the exhaust system. Less than 12 hours to my door in Toronto, Canada. The service by your staff is excellent the lady on the phone was helpful, informative and obviously quick to execute my order, I’m sorry I didn’t get her name. If the parts perform half as good as your order desk than I’m in for a real treat. Good Job!
Thanks for great service, I’ll be sure to pass the info on to all my car buddies.

Porsche 911
Quick feedback. I got the parts; had them installed (I did the air intake kit myself, thank you) and I am EXTREMELY pleased with the sound of the new exhaust system - and the throttle responsiveness !! Already had a 911 buddy over to check it out; might be another sale coming to you. Thanks for your help - I appreciated the 1:1 phone chat the Fabspeed team offers. Now I'm giving some thought to doing a chip to go with the neat sound.....then, I might have both sound and some excellent performance.

Porsche 986 Boxster S
Fabspeed recommended that I contact Kinetic Speed Shop here in Atlanta to arrange for installation. Kinetic just returned my car after installing the Sport Headers with Sport Cats and 2ndary Catbypass Pipes. Those products coupled with the Tequipment Sport Exhaust that was installed by the dealer when the car was new produces a wicked, raspy "bark" under acceleration that is quintessential Porsche. And if Kinetic is typical of your representatives, you have an excellent network! Besides just being all-around great guys, they know and appreciate Porsches like no one I've ever seen.
Thanks for a great product...and thanks for introducing me to my new Porsche mechanics!
Lee H.

Ferrari 360 Tips
I just wanted to let you know, that prior to purchasing your 360 tips, I was about to purchase an X-OST system for my 2000 360 Modena Coupe. I am very picky about all of my cars with regards to almost every detail (especially the exhaust). It took me 3 years to find the exact 360 I was looking for (red/tan, F1, factory scuderia shields, red calipers, low miles). I immediately put a set of Hammon wheels on it and then began to focus on the exhaust. Last week, I received my latest copy of European Car. I happened to see your advertisement (BTW…nice looking girl in the 360!!) and decided to go online to check out what you had. I was so impressed with your pics and video, that I bought the tips that day.
Today, I received the tips (thanks for the fast service!!), and I just have to let you know, that your pics and video don’t do them enough justice. These tips look 100 times better than what I was even expecting, and I still haven’t put them on the car yet, but I plan to do that within the next 2 hours. I just wanted to let you guys know that you definitely have a satisfied customer here in LA. Regards,
David G.
Vice President, SW Region

Porsche GT3 and Boxster 987 Products
I have been driving the GT3 for a month now since the upgrades. The effect is astounding! The GT3 responds almost before you give it the pedal urge to go! It sprints happily and rapidly along its rev curve so much more than before especially around mid rpm ranges. The new chip, manifolds, low restriction mufflers and free breathing air induction made an impressive and obvious impact on the car. I can't wait to get these on my Boxster S! Thanks for your incredible workmanship and product support. This was the fourth vehicle you have helped me with (a previous GT3 and two Boxsters) and your service is consistently reliable and your products perform better than advertised (wink)!
Carla E.

Porsche 2003 996 C4S
I just wanted to pass on how impressed I am with your products. I recently purchased an exhaust, clamps, cold air intake and filter for my ’03 C4S. It's been installed now for about a month and all I can say is WOW! The exhaust has an unobtrusive gurgle at idle and says, “I mean business” at wide open. I can also tell the car is definitely breathing much better, and has much quicker throttle response with the cold air kit and BMC filter. In a word, it’s fantastic!!!
Please pass this on to everybody involved and give them my thanks for the quality, workmanship, packaging and just overall enjoyable experience I had dealing with Fabspeed.
Mark B.

Porsche 911 Carrera
I have been in business for over 30 years and after multiple purchases from Fabspeed Motorsport can honestly state that the customer service I have received to date has been truly first class. In addition the web site provides an excellent overview of your innovative designs, the online ordering system is easy to use and provides secure payment with parts arriving well packaged and all the way to Australia in 3 working days! Most importantly I believe the product quality is second to none. Very impressive indeed.
Mark T.

Porsche 987 Cayman
I was REALLY impressed with the quality of the workmanship and materials the fitment was precisely perfect.
I did not dyno but i noticed a significant increased in power that can only be described as more torque, even down low. The sound was just a bit deeper but nicely subdued.
Right now I feel as if the car is as it should have been from the factory, but I'm sure I'll need more power soon.
I will be calling you then!
Andy B.

Fabspeed Cayman Exhaust and Headers with Sport Cats
No problems with install and the final verdict is outstanding. I really can feel the difference and believe me my car is much faster now. The best thing about everything I did to my car was the stages in which I did things. First i removed the factory air restrict and put in the filter I got from you. Drove the car felt a little difference. Next put the cat-back on. Drove the car felt a nice difference. Next did the headers. Drove it and wow!!! best improvement yet. There is absolutely no more lag or hesitation when you shift into your next gear. When I bought my car I said this is a great car but it needs a little more HP. Your system gave my exactly what I was looking for. And to boot it looks killer!!!!! I love that you can see the polished headers threw my wheels and the way you can see the mufflers all shiny from the back is so cool. I have gotten more compliments then I can count. I have not got to a dyno yet but I am trying to make arrangements for this week. I'm going to take some pictures and I'll send them to you soon. Also after I get it dynoed I am going to write that article so I'll let you know when that is done. On a final note I want to thank you for all your help and for making such a quality product. You've seen the cars I own and believe me I only put the best on my cars and yours is top notch.
Kenny Frate

Porsche 987 Boxster 
Wanted to express my appreciation to Fabspeed and its crew for the great job it did on upgrading my new Red/Grey/Grey '06 Boxster 5 speed. There are a lot of aftermarket products out there that make choosing upgrades a difficult proposition. My salesman at Don Rosen Porsche recommended Fabspeed after I expressed my disgust at the cheap looking stock exhaust system with a distasteful oval tip. I've changed exhausts on all my cars, and was used to Supersprint products on my Audi & BMW. Did some research on the web to verify that Fabspeed was the way to go.
The new Fabspeed exhaust with stainless dual tips was very tastefully done, and added to the driving experience. Not too noisy, just a nice euro growl.
When I discovered that there were headers to complement the exhaust and add some additional real power, I took the plunge. With the exhaust, headers, racing air filter and removal of the air box restriction, the car was much more responsive. I knew that all I needed was the software to complete the package, and I can't thank Fabspeed enough for arranging having my DME flashed to Stage 2 93 octane.
Really makes me glad that I didn't spend the extra $9,000 for the S and have to pay the increased annual insurance on the bigger S engine. Also, as the non-S is lighter, the mods have me just about at S power.
I was sorry that I didn't buy the S until Fabspeed made my once underpowered car a pleasure to drive at speed. Must say that I was most pleased with the shop, service and of course the free constant entertainment provided by Joe Fabiani. Joe knows his stuff and has a great team. My only complaint is that Joe won't swap his new red Turbo for my Boxster.
With great appreciation & many thanks,
Stephen K.

GT3 Products
Sounds great, looks stock and saves a little weight. I can't wait to get out on the highway or the track. The GT3 really needed a little exhaust growl to balance out all the other wonderfull mechanical noises that it makes.
I could do a second installation in no time flat!”
Best Regards,
Carl J.

Porsche 986 Boxster
The installation of the 986 Fabspeed Sports Headers, 986 Maxflo Exhaust and Cold Air Intake to my 2002 Boxster S has transformed the car. Its a delight to drive and to listen to. You promised me that it the Fabspeed installation would wake the car up and it has done that and much much more.
The extra horses and torque are there just where you want them and the sound is glorious.
When I bought the Boxster, it was a compromise, my wife wanted a convertable, I wanted a 993 coupe, I am not keen on the 993 convertable but could live with the Boxster S.
Having compromised, it was always my intention to also buy a 993 coupe at the end this year. No more. The Boxster with the Fabspeed hardware has given me all I need.
Thanks again, it was a genuine pleasure to deal with all at Fabspeed, and the results are outstanding.
Joseph W.

Porsche Turbo                                                                                                                                                                                                

I have been in the process of upgrading the performance on my Porsche turbo and as I am sure you know there are plenty of products out there. The only thing that separates many of the companies it the customer service that potential customers can access and trust that they actually know their products and can communicate in a clear and concise manner. Treat customers like you want to be treated.

Travis Moran spoke firstly to me on-line and through multiple e-mails was able to explain to me that the COBB unit with the upgrade was the best way for me to go in lieu of sending in my ECU or buying a data link that would only be used once. Although it is several hundred dollars more than some of the competitors products once Travis explained the ongoing utility of the COBB unit and how it could allow updates as I continue to customize my car with exhaust etc it was a no=brainer.

On-line sales are one thing = having knowledgeable folks like Travis make the whole experience better and closer to buying from a retail store without leaving my home.

People often take time to write when they are unhappy - I try to make a point of writing when I am happy as it can be rare. Looking forward to continuing a relationship with FABSPEED and Travis


Brian B.