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Fabspeed Porsche 993 Carrera Performance DME Chip (1994-1995)

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Fabspeed Porsche 993 Carrera Performance DME Chip (1994-1995)


Performance DME chip upgrade improves horsepower, torque, and driving characteristics by reprogramming various sensor inputs, air/fuel ratios, and boost pressure (if applicable).

Unleash the power of your 993 and discover the grunt and power the Porsche 3.6 motor is capable of. Eliminate the sub 4000 rpm lag, and make your car come alive. Have your engine 'come on the cam' right off the line, with a very significant increase in low and mid range torque and throttle response, vastly increasing everyday drivability and usability. Capable of breaking rear wheel traction with the crack of the throttle, discover low rpm throttle steer from your 993 at your next autocross you never knew your car was capable of! Owners of 94-95 993s have described the change in performance as feeling faster and stronger than a Varioram 993!

Guaranteed to outperform, all chips have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All programming by default is designed for 91 (95 RON) or higher octane fuel usage. If programming for 93 octane (98 RON) fuel is preferred, please note your octane program preference in option window provided. Also, unlike some other chips, our chips will not trigger your check engine light.


  • DME Chip upgrades are available for the early model 993's (1994-1995) all except some ROW 95s with VRAM. While the later cars (1996-1998) use an ECU software tune. Please see our ECU Tuning product for the later models 993 Carrera's.
  • Porsche used six different DMEs on the 993 for the 94-95 model year. To order the correct chip, please match the numbers on top of the DME box with the corresponding list below. The DME box is located on the floor under the left front seat. The numbers are printed on a label on top of the box with the word Motronic on top.
            • Porsche DME# 993.618.123.01, 993.618.123.02, 993.618.123.03, 993.618.123.04, 993.618.123.05, 993.618.123.06 or For manual and Tiptronic transmissions.
            • Porsche DME# 993.618.124.03, 993.618.124.04, 993.618.124.05, 993.618.124.06 or For manual and Tiptronic transmissions - (Drive blocked equipped cars*). * Drive block is the Porsche anti-theft system that disables the engine unless the alarm is deactivated.

Performed on a Dynojet 248x, a '95 993 dynoed with the stock chip the engine produces a max of 232 hp, or 273 hp corrected to the engine calculating for a 15% transmission loss (red curves). With our remapped chip, the engine now produces a max of 247 hp, or 291 HP corrected to the engine, a 18 hp gain over the stock chip (blue curves). In addition, broad range torque has increased from 10 to 20 ft-lbs throughout the rpm range.




*Dyno tested with 91 octane 

Other configurations available upon request, including special modifications such as custom rev limiters, displacement increases, and 100+ octane race fuel. Air/fuel ratio optimization based on the afr readouts of your dyno sheets are also available. For these options, a personal consultation may be necessary with fees for custom programming services ranging from $575 and up. Submit your request on the contact page for further information.


For Instructions on how to install your product please see the PDF below:

FORM - ECU Tuning Information.pdf

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