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The BMW M3 has been a symbol of style, performance, and class for generations now. These gorgeous and sporty machines embody BMW’s commitment to modern engineering and timeless design. At Fabspeed, we’ve made a name for ourselves among BMW owners, enthusiasts, and tuners. Our BMW performance exhaust parts complement the aggressive nature of these automobiles and enhance an already stellar driving experience.

Silver BMW M3 Silver BMW M3 Front Angle Fabspeed BMW M3 BMW M3 Wheels


The M3’s big brother takes the same sporty approach and elegant design to a full-sized sedan. The result is a beastly combination of performance and luxury that’s unparalleled elsewhere in the auto world. Our BMW M5 exhaust upgrades bring a new level of performance to these beautiful machines.

White BMW M5 White BMW M5 Front Angle Fabspeed BMW M5 BMW M5 Front

BMW E24 M6

The BMW E24 M6 set a benchmark for luxury, style, and performance that lasted for decades. Manufacturers all over the world tried to replicate the gorgeous design and precision engineering that BMW achieved with this instant classic. Today, the E24 is a highly valued BMW among enthusiasts of all ages.

BMW E24 M6