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Vinyl Wrapping

Fabspeed is partnered with a world renowned vinyl installer and designer, Matt Clark of MC Designs, for invisible paint protection installations. Clark has done vinyl installs all over the world for a variety of high-end clients and racing teams, including Tequila Patron Highcroft Racing. 

+ Invisible Paint Protection

SunTek Paint Protection Film is an invisible way to protect the paint on your vehicle. The film offers excellent clarity, and its strong and resilient structure protects against most road debris, rocks, salt, insects, scratches etc. The majority of all scratches and swirls are cured by natural sunlight and heat, whereas deeper scratches and imperfections can be cured with hot water or a heat gun. SunTek is crack resistant, the adhesive does not yellow, and the film is backed by a Five-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.


+ Color Change Vinyl Wraps

Completely transform your vehicle and change the color with a full-body vinyl wrap. All installs are done in house, and we can get our hands on any vinyl color under the sun. A vinyl wrap is 100% reversible, causes no damage to the paint, and typically can last 5 years or more depending on the type of vinyl used. Though not as thick as invisible paint protection film, color change vinyl wrap does still offer protection from minor scratches, swirls, bird droppings, tar, and road debris.


+ Custom Graphics

Also in conjunction with Matt Clark of MC Designs, Fabspeed is excited to offer custom vinyl designs and graphics. Whether it be a full livery design, or a simple stripe kit, we will work with you to provide various designs and renderings, before printing and installing all vinyl in-house. Nearly anything is possible with our custom vinyl and graphic services!




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