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  • Fabspeed Porsche Macan Slip-On exhaust that helps wake the car up and give it the sports car sound every Porsche needs.
  • Fabspeed Porsche Macan Slip-On exhaust that helps wake the car up and give it the sports car sound every Porsche needs compared to the OEM system that is very bulky and restrictive to exhaust flow.
  • Fabspeed Porsche Macan Slip-On exhaust with our Carbon Fiber tip option to give the rear end of your Macan some added style.
  • Fabspeed Porsche Macan Slip-On exhaust that helps wake the car up and give it the sports car sound every Porsche needs.
  • Fabspeed Porsche Macan Slip-On exhaust that helps wake the car up and give it the sports car sound every Porsche needs.
  • Fabspeed Porsche Macan Slip-On exhaust included hardware.
  • Our carbon fiber tips are authentic carbon fiber which will withstand heat for a long lasting beautiful finish

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Macan Turbo / S Rear Slip-on Sport Exhaust


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  1. Drama for the Macan 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jul 2018

    day 2 of installing this system on my brand new, week old, only 350 miles, 2018 Macan S and it is everything i was hoping for and more. word to the wise, this system is loud and i am coming from a straight piped 5.0 V8 on my previous car. not so much drone, since the turbos pretty much cancel it out (so, highway driving is fairly tame and not very intrusive) but at WOT or just driving around town, this system makes its presence known. lot's of burbles, brap/pops on the aggressive up shifts and down shifts. i, too, was on the fence bc there are virtually no youtube videos of this system and mainly relied on other owners' descriptions on the Macan forum i frequent but i got exactly what i expected from the flat 6 engine. morning cold starts are brutal but my neighbors already hate me bc of my previous car. i had a specialty shop install the system. fit and finish is gorgeous, CF tips look awesome and can be adjusted to just the right amount of tuck or peeking out from under the rear valance. paired with my intake, i'm extremely happy with the auditory drama the car now makes.

  2. Truly brilliant sound 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Dec 2017

    This exhaust system was installed on my 15 Macan Turbo today. Extremely well packaged with quick delivery. The craftsmanship, fit, and finish are absolutely top notch. The carbon exhaust tips are beautiful and robust, and add significant aggressiveness (above OEM), without detracting from the classiness of the rear fascia.
    Install took about 2 hours from a P-dealer. The installed product looks better than Porsche OEM with respect to quality both when the car was on the lift, as well as on the ground. Once installed, all of the shop technicians in the vicinity stopped by the car to stare and give complements.
    Initially I was concerned that because this is a free flow system it would have too much drone and be overwhelmingly loud. However, the turbochargers do cut back on a good amount of the potential noise, and at cruising speeds it is not actually that loud at all. However, the startup, is absolutely spectacular and beastly!!! Every single person that heard it was absolutely drooling over how good the motor sounded. The first drive with the windows down, paying close attention to sound levels was even more rewarding. Particularly sport mode, which unleashes rumbles and crackles with shifts and every time you lay off the throttle. WOT is actually pretty loud, but definitely less intense than a 991.1 with any sort of muffler bypass.
    Lastly, drivability seemed to improve.. definitely noticed less turbo lag, and improved throttle response. The boost monitor pings to 10 psi or higher much more quickly on the PCM
    Overall, for what you get this exhaust is an absolute steal for this car. The engine harmonics are wonderful and this exhaust uncorks all the positive characteristics of this motor, while simultaneously giving it a deep V8-like growl. The Macan now sounds like a proper Porsche.

    Two things to consider.
    The turbocharger whine is more prominent but it is masked by the deep engine exhaust noises.
    If you want the car to be civilized you need to be very easy on the throttle, because even a medium throttle input unleashes another level of sound (definitely above what you get from PSE).

Product Description

True highflow slip on high performance exhaust system. Improves power, exhaust tone, and saves weight by replacing the factory OEM heavy restrictive stamped mufflers.

Fabspeed Motorsport USA was the 1st company in the World to design and perfect Porsche Macan exhaust systems. Fabspeed is the brand to trust as we have the most experience with these cars.




  • Fits all Porsche Macan 3.0 liter V6 Twin Turbo (S / GTS), 3.6 liter Twin Turbo (Turbo)
  • Improves sportscar sound and driving experience. Puts a major grin and smile on your face.
  • Saves 17lbs versus the factory exhaust system
  • Includes Fabspeed's premium dual wall carbon fiber tips for an upgraded performance aesthetic
  • Full system constructed from T304L stainless steel for maximum performance and durability
  • Includes all clamps and required hardware for final bolt-on installation 
  • Backed by Fabspeed's Lifetime Warranty

NOTE: Bolt-On Installation - Minor cutting required at factory exhaust break point to install the Fabspeed product (Reference Dimple Locations on OEM)

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