BMW M2 (F87) Muffler Bypass Exhaust System

$1,195.95 - $1,295.95
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Up the aggression and drop weight while unleashing the visceral tones of the BMW F87 M2 with Fabspeed's wildly popular Muffler Bypass Exhaust; now available with multiple tip options!                                                         

There are loud exhausts and there are great sounding exhausts. When you have a loud AND great sounding system... it's pure perfection! The M2 has a great voice to match the power it produces, and we wanted to let it sing. Our Muffler Bypass Exhaust System deletes the rear muffler, shedding 14 lbs in the process. This is an exhaust for those who like it aggressive. Expect an intoxicating and menacing barrage of pops and crackles upon deceleration. In-cabin tone is very reasonable, though, and even with our Sport Cat Downpipe installed it still remains a daily-driveable (and daily-enjoyable) setup. 


  • Fits all BMW F87 M2 vehicles from 2014-2018

  • Saves 14 lbs from the rear of the vehicle 

  • CAT-BACK emissions legal. No affect on OEM catalytic converters. 

  • Will make everyone you know envious of the glorious sound erupting from your BMW

  • Constructed from 14-16ga T304L 3"-2.5" stainless steel tubing in house at Fabspeed Motorsport

  • Includes Deluxe Quad Style Tips in your choice of finish. Choose between Brushed Single Wall Stainless Steel, Polished Chrome, Satin Black or Carbon Fiber tips

  • All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty

NOTE:  Installation requires cutting the factory exhaust near a factory break point. Everything required for installation is included. The Fabspeed system installs quickly over the factory piping using the included Torca clamp. Re-installation of the factory rear muffler (for our friends with leased vehicles) is quick and easy!

1 Review

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    Windows down, in nice weather, it sounds GLORIOUS.

    Posted by Chris on 19th Sep 2016

    Initially, I had no plans on doing anything with the rear exhaust after I installed Fabspeed's Sport Cat Down Pipe. However, I was so satisfied with the DP, I decided to give the Muffler Bypass a shot. Admittedly, you won't see any performance gains with this product, but you do lose some weight (I believe around 14lbs?) and the sound you get is more than worth it! Once again, in terms of build quality, no concerns or issues. The look of the exhaust- I think it looks great. Initially, when I first saw it on the car, I was a bit hesitant. I thought the pipes were a bit large, and extended out a bit too much. But I quickly realized that was not the case, and I really really like the brushed stainless look. Now the most important quality to an aftermarket exhaust is...the sound (IMO). So... the one thing to note about the muffler bypass is, that on initial startup, particularly cold starts, the thing is LOUD. Like rattle the rear view mirror, wake up sleeping kids loud. However, for whatever reason, after about 10 seconds after startup, the exhausts quiets down SIGNIFICANTLY. After this point, I think the exhaust sounds FANTASTIC. While the DP increases the amount of "burbles", the Muffler Bypass exhaust amplifies the volume of the burbles and all the other good sounds this car naturally makes. Windows down, in nice weather, it sounds GLORIOUS. Seriously. The next big question is, what about any drone? I have had numerous cars with numerous aftermarket exhausts, and I have yet to find one without ANY drone. And this exhaust is the same. However, I notice that it is within a relatively small RPM range (say 2800-3200), at highway cruising speeds. Is it unbearable? By no means. Is it noticeable? Yes. But as with most aftermarket exhausts, it's largely manageable with some thoughtful throttle control. Although my ///M2 is my DD, I usually drive only 5-7k miles a year, and don't do much highway driving, so what little drone there is is not really an issue. YMMV.

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